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Why A MURS Handheld Radio Might Just Be Your Very Best Friend!

Why A MURS Handheld Radio Might Just Be Your Very Best Friend!
September 6, 2017 Mark Lindsey
Typical FRS Radios

Typical older FRS & hybrid FRS/GMRS radios

Many consumers are aware of the FRS Band and hybrid FRS/GMRS radios, commonly referred to as bubble-pack radios or “walkie-talkies,” that you can find at your local electronics, sports or superstore. Many ham/amateur radio users are also aware of dedicated GMRS or commercial “Part 90” radios, which many use on the GMRS Band (although not technically legal).

Another piece of radio spectrum, which is part of the same Personal Radio Service (PRS), that many consumers, hams and commercial radio users aren’t aware of, is the MURS Band. MURS stands for Multi-Use Radio Service, and is a set of 5 VHF channels usable for both personal and business use, does not require a license, and is typically utilized much less than the popular FRS/GMRS bands. Learn more about the MURS Band and view a channel chart here.

TERA TR-505 GMRS-MURS Two-Way Radio - Assembled SpecsBeing that MURS is in the VHF range (as opposed to UHF for FRS/GMRS), it’s typically better-suited for rural and outdoor uses. While the MURS rules limit use to 2 Watts, MURS radios can use external antennas, which allows high-gain antennas and more range than most FRS radios with a fixed/integrated antenna can achieve. Fortunately, BetterSafeRadio has several MURS radios for sale! Our GMAX custom programming option on the TERA TR-505 actually allows the radio to output 5 Watts on VHF, which again, while not technically legal on MURS, would allow a user to extend their range in an emergency, natural disaster or SHTF situation.

BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit #2As well, the removable antenna on the TR-505 allows it to double as a portable or mobile communications rig. See our BSR Radio Kit #2 for a starter portable/mobile travel kit.

Even though there are only 5 MURS channels to choose from, they are often quiet and underutilized, making them a great option for your family or business communications. BetterSafeRadio has designated MURS channel 2 as the Neighborhood Safety Channel for it’s popular Long Beach Safety Radio (available in other areas by request) because of its high availability. Because the band requires no license, individuals families and businesses can use the same channel to coordinate local safety and anti-crime operations, with MURS channel 3 being the unofficial prepper/survivalist emergency channel for disasters, using the 3-3-3 Radio Plan (more on this and our modified radio plan soon). MURS channels 4 & 5 are often used for business, given that they were previously part of the Business Band. You can sometimes still hear stores like Walmart or even some drive-thru restaurants making use of those channels, but in many areas, they are often quiet and unused.

MURS Handheld RadioWith the advantages of using commercial-grade VHF MURS radios like the TERA TR-505, the ability to use covert, high-gain and mobile antennas, and the wide array of accessories available such as battery eliminators, alkaline battery cases, heavy-duty speaker mics, headsets and earpieces, a ReadySafeGo™ MURS handheld radio might just be your very best friend! 🙂

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