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Custom Radio Programming & Pricing Rejig In Progress

BSR Store Programming Coding & Pricing Rejig

BSR Store Programming Coding & Pricing RejigJust a quick update… We’ve been busy re-coding and reworking how we approach our custom radio programming options, and tweaking (mostly lowering!) some prices lately. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Custom radio programming and consulting are now a separate store items. By separating the stock radios from our custom programming & consulting services, we no longer have to charge CA Sales Tax on such, so CA buyers now only pay tax on the actual hardware. Now, when you buy a radio and want Custom Programming (where you submit all the programming info to us and we handle the actual programming before shipping your order), or want to utilize our Custom Programming Consulting service (where we do all the research, planning and programming for you), you can simply add a stock radio to your cart, and then the appropriate custom programming or consulting item to your cart (each radio model now has its own custom programming item – The TR-505 item is linked above). See all the new programming service items in the TERA Radio Accessories or Wouxun Radio Accessories store categories for more details on how the new process works.
  2. We’ve also added a new Radio Programming Cloning service item, so instead of paying for 2 or more radios with custom programming or consulting, you just add 1 of those custom service items to your cart, then you add the cloning service item and set the quantity to cover all of the radios you want cloned – just $9/ea for the TR-505/500 clones. This saves you from $10-30+ on each cloned radio over buying multiple custom programmed radios!
  3. Our TERA TR-505 custom pre-programmed radio options, such as our legal MURS, GMRS or newly revised Long Beach Neighborhood Safety radios have been reduced in price from $114.95 to $109 – That’s almost $6 cheaper, without a sale! Other radios have been price-reduced as well, and more options are coming soon!
  4. Some of the pre-programmed SHTF radio options that we’ve offered in the past that were based on customer-submitted programming charts that may not have been “type-accepted” configurations, now require our custom programming service. You can still find the same programming charts like the TR-505 “GMAX” and “D” radios on the TR-505 product page, but you now need to specify that you want one of those customer-submitted programming charts used along with our custom programming service (just $19 for the TR-505/500, and don’t forget the $9 cloning option for 2 or more radios). We’ll be releasing some new FCC-compliant pre-programming options soon, as well as publishing more customer-submitted SHTF options, including a new series of Patriot/Militia programming options! Have any ideas for new killer radio configurations? We’d love to hear about them!
  5. We’ve finally released the Excel XLSX custom programming template for the TR-505 (found under the description on the product page and which can also be used for the TR-500), and we plan on finally working on templates for our other radios very soon, to help make the custom programming process smoother. As well, we’ve made some improvements to the TR-505-C custom programming options document (also found under the description on the product page), which now includes all CTCSS/PL Tones and DCS Code options, so you don’t have to look them up. We’ll also be adding as many PDF manuals for our radios as we can find, so you can get to know the radios before buying or planing your custom programming project.
  6. Finally, we have the new AnyTone AT-D868UV Dual-Band 6 Watt Part 90 Commercial/Emergency Analog/Digital DMR radios in stock and will be adding them to the store soon for just $159 (stock) – a customer-submitted SHTF programming option will follow soon. If you just can’t wait, we can always setup a custom order for you now, so let us know.

Stay tuned for more details and useful programming options and let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Cheers and Be Safe!

-BSR Mark

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Why A MURS Handheld Radio Might Just Be Your Very Best Friend!

MURS Handheld Radio
Typical FRS Radios
Typical older FRS & hybrid FRS/GMRS radios

Many consumers are aware of the FRS Band and hybrid FRS/GMRS radios, commonly referred to as bubble-pack radios or “walkie-talkies,” that you can find at your local electronics, sports or superstore. Many ham/amateur radio users are also aware of dedicated GMRS or commercial “Part 90” radios, which many use on the GMRS Band (although not technically legal).

Another piece of radio spectrum, which is part of the same Personal Radio Service (PRS), that many consumers, hams and commercial radio users aren’t aware of, is the MURS Band. MURS stands for Multi-Use Radio Service, and is a set of 5 VHF channels usable for both personal and business use, does not require a license, and is typically utilized much less than the popular FRS/GMRS bands. Learn more about the MURS Band and view a channel chart here.

Product flyer for the Retevis RT27V MURS Personal Business License-Free Two-Way RadioBeing that MURS is in the VHF range (as opposed to UHF for FRS/GMRS), it’s typically better-suited for rural and outdoor uses. While the MURS rules limit use to 2 Watts, some MURS radios can use external antennas, which allows high-gain antennas and more range than most FRS radios with a fixed/integrated antenna can achieve. Fortunately, BetterSafeRadio has several MURS radios for sale! Our legal FCC-compliant RT27V-MURS radio is our most affordable type-accepted configuration.

Even though there are only 5 MURS channels to choose from, they are often quiet and underutilized, making them a great option for your family or business communications. BetterSafeRadio has designated MURS channel 2 as the Neighborhood Safety Channel for it’s popular Long Beach Safety Radio ( custom radio programming option and available in other areas by request) because of its high availability. Because the band requires no license, individuals families and businesses can use the same channel to coordinate local safety and anti-crime operations, with MURS channel 3 being the unofficial prepper/survivalist emergency channel for disasters, using the 3-3-3 Radio Plan (more on this and our modified radio plan soon). MURS channels 4 & 5 are often used for business, given that they were previously part of the Business Band. You can sometimes still hear stores like Walmart or even some drive-thru restaurants making use of those channels, but in many areas, they are often quiet and unused.

MURS Handheld RadioWith the advantages of using affordable VHF MURS radios like the Retevis RT-27V-MURS and an array of accessories available such as a speaker mic or earpiece, a ReadySafeGo™ MURS handheld radio from BSR might just be your very best friend! 🙂

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Affordable Commercial Business Two-Way Radios

TERA TR-500 Commercial Ham Two-Way Radio - Assembled Stock

For any public service organization, business, school and industry with an FCC license and outdated, failing or tired two-way business radios, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

TERA TR-500 Commercial Ham Two-Way Handheld Radio - Assembled SpecsIntroducing the TERA TR-500 Part 90 Commercial Two-Way Land Mobile Radio.

With a build quality and performance that gives Motorola a run for their money at a fraction of the cost, the dual-band, 5 Watt TR-500 is a perfect replacement for your aging analog radio system. Programmable for any VHF or UHF business frequency and with its standard 1600 mAh Li-ion battery pack offering up to 20 hours of use between charges (using battery saver mode), this compact, reliable handheld radio will keep you in contact with your team.

The TERA is also very easy to use, so employee/user training takes about 1 minute, yet it offers several configurable side-button features such as battery level announce, hi/low power toggle, channel locking, scanning, and open-squelch monitor.

TERA 500-Series Handheld Two-Way Radio AccessoriesThe TR-500 is available with numerous accessories, including a 2.75″ flexible stubby antenna for ultimate portability, a 5″ alternate stock antenna, the included 7″ stock antenna, and a 15″ high-gain whip antenna for long distance communications, 2 options for speaker mics (compact or heavy-duty), a 12V battery eliminator for auto use, covert/privacy ear pieces, a magnetic-mount auto antenna, and high-uality nylon radio cases with swivel belt clips, among others. The radio comes with a smart desk charger, but we also offer a 6-bay multi-radio charger for larger installations (by special order only).

This solid yet compact radio is a perfect replacement for expensive Motorola radios, or any other analog VHF/UHF radio and we provide complete custom programming services so you can start using your radio on day one, right out of the box, with our ReadySafeGo™ service, where we charge, program and test every radio before it ships. It’s also compatible with most existing Motorola 2-PIN audio accessories, so you don’t have to re-buy all of your accessories if you already own them!

Great for Public Service, Private Investigators, Auxiliary/Volunteer Fire, EMS and S&R Personnel, Schools & Universities, Construction Crews and many other industries, the durable, FCC Certified TR-500 is rated IP54 dust & water (splash) resistent and has a high-quality, loud audio speaker output, so you’ll never miss a call. This radio can also be used for Part 97 amateur radio communications (by licensed Hams).

The TERA TR-500 is designed, supported and serviced in the USA (Southern California) and comes with a generous, industry leading 2 year limited warranty, protecting your investment.

Contact us today for more details or any questions and we’re happy to help you configure a custom or bulk, discounted package custom tailored for your organization’s two-way communication needs.

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Are you Ready For SHTF? The TR-590 Emergency Two-Way Radio Is!

TERA TR-590 Commercial Ham Two-Way Handheld Radio - Assembled Specs

TERA TR-590 Commercial Ham Two-Way Handheld Radio - Assembled SpecsFor some, it’s almost a conflict of conscience spending any time thinking about a SHTF (S#it Hits The Fan) situation, but borrowing from our slogan and the common intuition of careful thinkers everywhere, it’s always prudent to be “Better Safe Than Sorry!” To that end, we’re happy to introduce our latest custom pre-programmed radio offering, the TERA TR-590 emergency radio. It’s the ultimate survivalist prepper SHTF two-way radio!

Utilizing the same solid commercial-grade build quality and ease of use that has made the TERA TR-505 GMRS/MURS radio so popular for recreational and local safety/emergency use, the TR-590 makes for the perfect handheld in times of every day emergencies, natural disasters, civil unrest, or even U.S. elections! 

TERA TR-590 Commercial Ham Two-Way Radio - ContentsWith an IP54 Dust & Water (splash) Resistance rating, True Dual Receive, Front Panel Programming & VFO Mode, 3 Tx Power Levels, Scanning and everything else you would expect in a compact, affordable Part 90 commercial radio, this signature BSR ReadySafeGo™ offering comes charged, programmed and tested so you can use it right out of the box.

Some customers have programmed this radio for SHTF, packed with just about every emergency frequency you can think of that individual preppers, survivalists, businesses, government, public service agencies and organizations like CERT, Neighborhood Watch, ARES & RACES use during emergencies. While not “type-accepted” for some of these bands (as is the case with all prepper/SHTF radios), it has been used with all the standard VHF/UHF services, such as GMRS, FRS, MURS, LMR (land mobile/business), MMS (marine), WX (NOAA “All-Hazards” Weather), CAP (civil air patrol), HAM (amateur radio), PMR446 (UK/Euro FRS) and 20 FM Broadcast Radio Stations. The Part 90 TR-590 is only FCC certified for use on the LMR band.

Special Rx-only emergency service frequencies include FEMA, USCG, FIRE Inter-Department, LAW Intersystem, Urban S&R, VLAW, CALAW, USNG, USMIL, USICE, USFED Law, USG Civil Agencies, NIRS Cache, NIFC, USDOS, and the ISS (International Space Station Ham Downlink), adding a vast array of sources for information and intel to your BOB (bug-out bag). The customer-submitted TR-590-SHTF channel programming chart PDF can be downloaded on the TR-590 product page.

Don’t need all of these bands and just want the basic emergency frequencies or want something totally custom? We can custom radio programming for you!

TERA 500-Series Handheld Two-Way Radio AccessoriesThe TR-590 is compatible with all the great TERA 500-Series Accessories, including a battery case, nylon radio case, extra battery packs, 12V battery eliminator (cigarette lighter adapter), speaker mics, covert earpieces, external antennas and cloning/programming cables. As well, free programming (or advanced premium) software is available for access to internal settings not available in the front panel LCD/Keypad menu system.

Each radio comes with a lithium-ion batterydesk chargerdual-band flexible whip antennasturdy belt clip w/ screws, user manual & wrist strap.

The TR-590 also makes for a great Ham HT (handle-talkie), with advanced features like PL Tone Scanning, VFO Tuning, Repeater Offset, Keypad Lock, Single or Dual Receive and even Split-Band Channel programming. Narrow-Band compliance is also provided for commercial and public service Land Mobile users, and a handy built-in flashlight (with optional flashing alarm mode) comes standard.

When you’re ready to get serious about EmComm (emergency communications) and move up from the unreliable throw-away blister-pack GMRS/FRS radios you find at the superstore, and the Chinese budget Baofeng radios that have a lower build-quality, less reliability and are known to emit spurious radiation that can disrupt adjacent services and draw unnecessary attention to your radio operations, make the investment your conscience deserves by picking up a TR-590 today! – Only available at

Check out the TR-590 and be prepared!

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TERA Two-Way Radio USB Programming Cable Now Available

TERA PRG-50 USB Programming Cable

We’ve added a new TERA Handheld Radio Accessories category to our shop and have added our first accessory product, the TERA USB Programming Cable, for use with the TERA TR-500, TR-505 and TR-590 Emergency Two-Way Radios.

TERA PRG-50 USB Programming CableThe cable is priced about $2 below the dealer price and doesn’t require any special drivers (although we provide them just in case). The programming software for these 3 radios (also free to download) work on Windows 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista, and also Mac OS X running Parallels with any of the Windows OS mentioned.

This cable is a must-have if you intend to customize or change your TERA radio channels and settings, but we’re also happy to do so, and our radios each come with several custom programing options to make them usable right out of the box. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to have the cable around for future tweaks like adding a GMRS repeater offset, changing the PL on your emergency MURS channel, or setting a different NOAA NWS All Hazards Weather Channel that the stock frequency.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

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A Prepper’s Dream SHTF Radio

TERA TR-505 GMRS-MURS Two-Way Radio - Assembled Specs

“Should I have a UHF two-way GMRS radio for urban emergency communications?

How about a VHF MURS radio for more rural/outdoor situations?

I’d really like both, in the same SHTF radio, but with FCC Certification.”

This is a conversation that many peppers have in their own head, and unless you’re willing to forego the certification or carry 2 different SHTF radios, there aren’t many options.

The TERA TR-505 is a US-designed commercial-grade dual-band two-way radio ideal for emergency communications, with a warranty supported in the US and personalized support and custom programming provided by BetterSafeRadio and our ReadySafeGo™ service, so it’s ready to use the second you unpack it.

Some customers have programmed their radio as the ideal bug-out EmComm radio that has both GMRS & MURS bands (and more, like NOAA/NWS WX reception) in the same unit. Now, while the TR-505 has type certification for both of these bands, it can legally only be programmed to transmit on one band at a time. The customer-submitted “GMAX” (shown below) and “GTRV” programming charts shown on the TR-505 product page reveals all of the channels.

Custom programming is available in the TERA TR-505 and it is also PC programmable using an optional USB programming cable and the free TERA software. It’s a real commercial-grade emergency two-way “SHTF” radio with performance far superior of the cheap blister-pack GMRS/FRS radios you find at the superstore, and of course, it does GMRS & MURS (and a lot more with some custom programming).

You can learn more about the TR-505 and our custom radio programming options at