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Please bear with me as I work to catch up on over 500 UV9GX backorders.  Please do NOT repeatedly request your order status unless you think I’ve somehow passed your order based on the counts below (for your specific radio).  Radio stock is coming in regularly now and I’m shipping backorders as quickly as possible.  Be assured that I’m not ignoring anyone or unnecessarily delaying any orders, I’m just dealing with excessive email inquiries, customer service requests, and continued heavy sales.

Thanks for your understanding, support and patience as I continue to bring you the best pre-programmed SHTF GMRS, HAM and LMR radios possible.
Cheers, 73 & 69, –Mark   K6LED | WQXR567

IN STOCK: NEW Upgraded KG-UV9PX HAM! Now Shipping (1–5 days)!

Backorder Now (est. 15+ weeks): NEW Upgraded KG-UV9GX GMRS! Now Shipping Backorders!
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Note: Not every Order # represents an actual order. 🙂

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The Best Deals on Commercial-Grade Wouxun, Ailunce, & Retevis Part 97 Amateur HAM, Part 95E GMRS, Part 95J MURS, Part 95B FRS & Part 90 LMR Emergency Two-Way Radios & Walkie Talkies, Scanners, Accessories, Custom Programming & Consulting for Preppers, Families, Overlanders, Recreation, Scouting, Off Roading, Business, Neighborhood Watch/Safety, Private Security, CERT, ARES, RACES, REACT, EARS, CAP, MARS, SKYWARN, NOAA NWS, AMSAT, Government, Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness, Civil Unrest & Survival SHTF Prepping.

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