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Wouxun KG-UV9D (Plus) Emergency Ham Two-Way Radio - Assembled StockGet it all in one killer radio – Our Dual-Band (2m/70cm) Wouxun KG-UV9D (Plus) Emergency Ham Radio with 7-Band Receive can monitor MURS, GMRS, FRS, PLMRS, MMS, PS, SAR, CAP, VLAW, CALAW, GOV, MIL, DHS, NIRS, NIFC, MED, PMR, HAM, WX, AIR, AAR, FM Broadcast Radio & More! – Get the intel you need to stay safe when the SHTF!

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The Best of Both Bands!

TERA TR-505 GMRS-MURS Two-Way Radio - Body FrontMost FCC Certified (Part 95) two-way handheld radios can only operate on either GMRS or MURS. Our TERA TR-505 can do both, and also monitor NOAA WX "All Hazards" Weather stations. It can even be custom programmed to scan your local PD/Fire/EMS and Ham frequencies – For Recreation, CERT, Neighborhood Safety, Prepping & More!

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Be Prepared, Portable or Mobile!

BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit #2You never know where you'll be when a disaster or emergency strikes – on the trail, taking a walk, while commuting or traveling. Operate portable or mobile in a moment's notice with our versatile travel kit. Be prepared everywhere & survive!

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Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

BetterSafeRadio TERA TR-505-C Programming Chart p1 v02Nobody likes to dwell on all the horrible disasters that could strike at any moment, but spending a few minutes learning about emergency communications and then buying the right gear can go a long way to ensuring that you, your family, neighbors and associates make it through.

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Better Safe Than Sorry!

BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio KitsHaving a reliable "off-grid" communications kit is a small price to pay for the peace of mind in knowing that you'll be able to contact your loved ones, neighbors and associates during an emergency, natural disaster or SHTF event. Be prepared, be safe & survive!

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Are YOU ReadySafeGo™ for SHTF?

TERA TR-590 Commercial Ham Two-Way Radio - Assembled StockWhen the SHTF, will YOU be ready? Our TR-590-SHTF has 219 channels to keep you safe & secure during natural disasters, terrorist attacks, local emergencies & civil unrest. Front-panel programmable and ReadySafeGo™ right out of the box! We even have a custom version just for Long Beach, California safety, but can custom program prepper radios for your city also.

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We offer discounted Commercial-Grade Part 95 GMRS MURS & Part 90 LMR HAM Emergency Two-Way Radios, Accessories, Custom Programming & Consulting for Preppers, Families, Business, Industry, Recreation, Neighborhood Watch/Safety, CERT, Public Safety & SHTF Survival Prepping.

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