Earn Now with the BetterSafeRadio Affiliate Program

Earn a cut of the take with the BetterSafeRadio Affiliate Program by sharing the best Amateur/HAM, GMRS, MURS & FRS Personal & Business Emergency SHTF two-way radios with your family, friends, SHTF preppers, clubs, groups, co-workers, followers & viewers.

Just complete the simple Affiliate Application Form below and I’ll review your request ASAP.

The default program compensation is currently offering a 3% commission on all referred sales, with a 120 day cookie duration. If you have a sizable audience or would like to propose a custom arrangement (for major influencers, clubs, organizations or businesses), please include your stats and/or ideas in the application below and I’ll absolutely consider it.

Besides being able to customize your affiliate link to the BSR site (or specific product pages), I can also create custom coupons that you can share with your contacts or audience, which will be automatically attributed to your account.

I’ll be adding marketing & promotional materials when I have time, but you may use anything from this site to market your links or coupons, as long as they are not modified in an inappropriate way and do not promise anything that I don’t.

This is a booming time for many radio bands right now and interest is very high in EmComm (Emergency Communications), so I’m excited to partner with you and help get everyone geared up, connected & prepared!

Cheers, Thanks and Be Safe!

Mark K6LED/WQXR567

Affiliate Application Form

Please complete this form to apply for the BetterSafeRadio Affiliate Program. Use your full legal name to ensure you receive your commissions. If you you already have a BSR Site/Store Account, please make sure you login first, then return to this affiliate page and complete the application form (using the same email address, if it isn’t already filled in). If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact me.

Disclaimer & Additional Terms: Mark Lindsey and BetterSafeRadio make no guarantee of you earning with this Affiliate Program. While I will always try and help you to help me, your chances of earning with this program are completely dependent on your ability to influence buyers and share your affiliate link(s) and/or coupon codes(s), and then have those individuals actually complete a purchase within the cookie duration time. Your participation in this program does not create an employer/employee relationship and you assume all risks as an independent contractor affiliate. Commission payments will be held for 60 days after each order ships to protect against any chargebacks and customer returns, then will be paid via the PayPal address entered on your affiliate account on or around the 25th of each month. I will report all earnings as required by the IRS if you are paid more than the minimum threshold for such in any given year. Upon request, you may be required to submit an IRS Form W-9 to confirm your Tax ID. Commissions paid for orders that are returned, refunded, cancelled, charged-back, or otherwise invalidated due to fraud or any other reason, may be deducted from future earnings in your account. Affiliate commissions are paid only via PayPal, which is a free digital wallet/payment/merchant service. You may not use your affiliate link or coupon code to purchase items for yourself or your immediate family, but you can contact me to arrange a special discount for such. BetterSafeRadio reserves the right to modify this program without notice. Any such changes to the affiliate program will be published on this page.