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Making Long Beach, California Neighborhoods Safer with the LBCA1

Making Long Beach, California Neighborhoods Safer with the LBCA1
August 17, 2016 Mark Lindsey

We’re thrilled to announce our new Long Beach, California Neighborhood Safety Two-Way Radio!

BetterSafeRadio TR-505-LBCA1 Long Beach Safety Radio PromoBased on the tried and true TERA TR-505 dual-band emergency radio and custom programmed with everything you need in a local Long Beach safety radio, the LBCA1 provides a solid, commercial-grade 2-5 Watt radio with IP54 dust & water (splash) resistance.

Whether you’re interested in making Long Beach safer by monitoring and reporting suspicious activity or calling for help on the Long Beach Neighborhood Safety Channel (MURS 2), or if you want an emergency radio with 5 VHF MURS channels & 4 UHF GMRS/FRS channels, or if you would like to monitor the Long Beach Police and Fire/EMS frequencies, this radio has you covered. It also doubles as a scanner on the 3 UHF LBPD dispatch channels, the UHF LBPD Car to Car repeater channel, and the VHF LB Fire/EMS dispatch channel.

Wonder what the current or future weather forecast is? We’ve included the Los Angeles/Ventura & Orange County/San Bernardino NOAA NWS (National Weather Service) “WX” weather channels, which broadcast the current conditions and forecast 24/7.

Two of the GMRS channels overlap with the first two FRS band channels so you can communicate with your kids on their blister-pack radios, and the other 2 GMRS channels are GMRS-only. Note: Transmitting on GMRS does require a no-test license from the FCC (currently $65 for 5 years), but it covers the entire family and only takes a couple days to obtain online.

See the custom programming chart below and check out the TERA TR-505-LBCA1 product page for all the details on this high-performance radio. And don’t forget the accessories! We carry a growing list of high-quality accessories such as speaker mics and antennas to either go long-distance or stealth, so you can get the most out of your investment.

Be Safe Long Beach!

Better Safe Radio TERA TR-505-LBCA1 Programming Chart v02

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