Wouxun KG-916 GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner

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Quality 400 Channel Pre-Programmed Superhet UHF Emergency GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner

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This item: Wouxun KG-916 GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner

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Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $97.00.
Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $97.00.
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The Quality Wouxun KG-916 GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner


Key Features

400 Channels • Analog FM UHF GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) Two-Way Radio TransceiverPre-Programmed for GMRS + SHTF* (251 Channels, User Programmable) • Dual-Power 4+/0.5 Watts • Double-Conversion Superheterodyne Receiver with Great Audio Quality!IP55 Water Jets/Rain Rated • Extended-Capacity 2600 mAh (19.24 Wh) USB-C Li-ion Battery for 22+ Hour Operation • FCC Part 95E & 15B Certified (WVTWOUXUN21) • Simplex & Repeater Capable •  Scanning (3 Modes, Priority Scan) • Memory & VFO Modes (Tx locked to GMRS frequencies) • Wide & Narrow Bandwidth • DTMF Keypad • Repeater Reverse & Talk-Around Functions • 50 CTCSS PL Tones & 105 DCS Privacy Codes (Split, Front-Panel Programmable) • CTCSS ScanningBacklit LCD Display • Signal Indicator LED • Full Keypad (w/ Auto-Lock) • 3 Programmable Function Side-Keys + Top Flashlight/Backlight Key2.5 kHz Tuning Steps • FlashlightStopwatch • Battery Saver • Time-Out-Timer (w/ variable warning beep) • 6-Character Alpha Channel Names • Voice Announce (English or Chinese) & Key Beeps (optional) • Roger Beep (limited, see be.low) • 10 Squelch Levels • Functional Emergency RESET w/ Usable Default GMRS Channels & Repeaters • BCL, VOX, SideTones, DTMF & ANI PTT-ID • 4.5″ UHF GMRS-Tuned SMA-Female Antenna (removable) • Wrist Strap • Belt Clip • English Quick-Start Guide • Full Line of Accessories


Transceiver Range

Tx (MHz, FM): 30 GMRS Frequencies 462.550-467.725 UHF (Tx locked to GMRS for Part 95E compliance)
Rx (MHz, FM): 400-479.9975 UHF

ReadySafeGo™ pre-programmed for GMRS + SHTF* with 251 channels! (a $20+ Value! – download PDF chart above)

User programmable with free Wouxun Customer Programing Software. (download above – requires USB cable, sold separately)


The Wouxun KG-916 GMRS radio, now standard with an extended-capacity 2600 mAh USB-C chargeable Li-ion battery, was co-designed by Mark Lindsey (K6LED/WQXR567) and is sold exclusively by BetterSafeRadio. It features a similar high-quality Wouxun double-conversion superheterodyne receiver, performance & pro features found in the KG-UV9G PRO & KG-UV9GX, while remaining easy to use, even for beginners. But unlike other mid-tier Wouxun GMRS radios like the KG-805G and KG-905G, the KG-916 GMRS includes a full keypad for quick field programming in the VFO mode, and direct channel selection.

If you like the clarity and reliability of other Wouxun GMRS radios, then you’ll love the refined functionality, new features and high-quality superheterodyne receiver with amazing audio quality on the 916 for normal everyday GMRS use, as well as for emergency EmComm and SHTF uses.

An optional slimmer 1700 mAh battery pack (sold separately) offers an even lighter, thinner body. Both batteries use the same desk charger as the KG-UV9G, making the KG-916 GMRS a perfect companion radio. Check out all of the Wouxun KG-916 Accessories (more coming soon).


Note: The 916 can be RESET by a keypad Menu option. Doing so will return the radio to a standard 30-channel GMRS configuration and will delete all of the other pre-programmed SHTF channels and extra GMRS banks. Please save a backup your radio codeplug (programming file) using the free Wouxun factory software and the “red” Wouxun USB cable (sold separately) in case you ever unintentionally RESET the radio. If you’ve accidentally RESET your radio, please see the restoration options on my Custom Radio Programming Services page.


IMPORTANT Wouxun Customer Programming Software Note: Apparently, the software must see the USB cable at COM 1, so you may need to go into the Device Manager and re-assign the Silicon Labs CP210x USB cable to that com port. Reboot after you make this change and then try again. Even after you do this, the software will show the com ports greyed out. This is normal and something Wouxun is supposed to be addressing in the near future.


Note: Transmitting on the GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) requires a “no-test” license (currently $35 for 10 years and good for your entire immediate family – typically takes only a few days to obtain your GMRS license from the FCC).


Shipping Note: Due to USPS restrictions, we are only able to ship 1 extra battery pack per radio and only 2 battery packs total per package via 2-3 Day Priority-Mail air service (so 2 radios, or 1 radio with an extra battery, in each box Priority Mail air shipment). Orders with 3 or more Li-ion battery packs in a box must be sent by Priority-Mail surface transport, which may take longer than the normal 2-3 days. Packages with batteries and accessories (without radios) weighing over 5 pounds will need to be split up into multiple shipments. Sometimes the shopping cart doesn’t properly calculate this, but I will contact you if there’s any need for additional shipping on larger/bulk orders. Unfortunately, this GMRS radio is not legal for use in Canada, so I am not able to honor orders that ship to Canada at this time (US-based mail forwarding services such as are fine). Contact me if you have any questions.


Detailed Description

The BSR-Exclusive Wouxun KG-916 GMRS is a 400 channel programmable single-band handheld analog double-conversion superheterodyne FM GMRS two-way radio transceiver with standard UHF receive range, repeater capability (with CTCSS/DCS split-tones and non-standard PL tones), and pro features ideal for families, scouts, SHTF preppers, survivalists, over landers, truckers, businesses, or EmComm emergency communication groups. It has great audio quality, 2.5 kHz tuning steps and comes custom pre-programmed with 251 channels for GMRS + SHTF*, for dual-use GMRS transceiver & analog FM scanner operation. User programmable with free downloadable Wouxun programming software (link above – requires optional USB cable & x86 Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11, or a Mac running Parallels).

With 4+ Watts of power and a talk-around range of 2 to 7+ miles (much more when used with a GMRS repeater or at optimal elevations with minimal line-of-sight obstructions), the KG-916 provides reliable recreational or emergency radio communications for personal disaster preparedness, family outings, scouting, prepping, survival, camping, off-roading, trekking, business operations, Neighborhood Watch, REACT, CERT, Guardian Angels & EARS groups to keep in touch when other methods of communication break down. IP55 rated and Part 95E & 15B FCC Certified. The 916 is custom power calibrated for GMRS simplex & repeater use (at a 465 MHz center) and transmits on all 30 GMRS frequencies with the proper legal power and modulation bandwidth.

The KG-916 comes pre-programmed with 6 ready-to-use banks of GMRS channels, including 1 full GMRS bank (with repeater channels), 3 additional banks of repeater channels, a full “FRS” bank to better facilitate communicating with FRS and older hybrid FRS/GMRS radios (with narrow band and PL/privacy tones set), and a 50-channel Travel Channel bank with every possible CTCSS PL combination to help you quickly find a usable repeater on channel 20, which is commonly used for travel information, safety and emergencies in many areas. You can easily change the PL/Privacy Tones (or DCS Codes) from the front panel on any of these 126 pre-programmed channels. This is handy when you want to program in all the available repeaters in multiple geographical areas without having to re-program on the fly every time. Due to FCC GMRS and radio firmware restrictions, the repeater direction and offset features can’t be programmed from the front panel, which is why I provide the pre-programmed repeater banks. However, the 916 can be easily re-programmed via software to add as many GMRS (or other) channels as you desire, or many more repeater banks that you can then customize on the fly. You can also save an existing repeater channel to another memory channel, allowing you to create additional banks (with the repeater direction & offset features intact). You could use all 400 channels to program 50 banks of all 8 repeater channels, if you wanted to. Or, turn the radio into an all-receive scanner. It’s totally up to you!

Note that when the 916 is reset using the [MENU_50 “RESET”] function, the radio will reset to a default configuration of all 30 GMRS channels, including the 8 repeater channels, which you can then customize the PL/Privacy Tones on as desired. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation and need to restore basic GMRS functionality quickly, this reset feature will get you there in a few seconds. Note that performing this RESET will wipe all pre-programmed SHTF channels, so make sure you have a backup of the programming before resetting the radio.

The KG-916 operating range is as good or better than any other affordable Commercial/Ham or GMRS radio, even with its included stock duck antenna, which performs well across the full UHF band. As well, with an after-market high-gain duck, whip, telescoping, roll-up, mobile mag-mount or base station antenna, you will see a significantly improved talk range, even when communicating with another stock handheld. Using the Wouxun KG-916 GMRS with a repeater will greatly extend your potential operating range, even as far as 100+ miles.

In addition, the 916 features priority scanning, turning the two-way radio into an effective portable communication device & scanner, especially with a full host of KG-916 accessories (available separately – coming soon).

Check out all of the 916 GMRS accessories, such as the highly-tuned GMRS options from Smiley Antenna or the alkaline battery case.

Product Highlights

FCC Certified GMRS Radio, Repeater Capable & IP55
Great for personal recreation, SHTF (S#it Hits The Fan) survival prepping, business, and emergency EmComm communications for NNW (National Neighborhood Watch), CERT, REACT, GA (Guardian Angels) & EARS (Emergency Assistance Radio Syndicate organized by BetterSafeRadio in Long Beach, CA) municipal and private neighborhood safety groups. 4+ Watts of transmit power on UHF (limited to 0.5 W on the 467 MHz interstitial channels and 5 W ERP max on the 462 interstitials, as required by FCC Part 95E) for maximum range and impressive GMRS simplex & repeater performance, with IP55 (dust & water jets resistant) rating for outdoor use. Comes pre-programed for SHTF Prepping by default!

Priority Scanning & 1-Click Quick Display Modes
Allows monitoring or scanning in the VFO or memory channels, while also “dual-watching” an optional priority channel. Great for scanning emergency channels while monitoring a “home” GMRS priority channel. Includes a quick 1-click toggle of a side-key to with between the 4 available display modes (Channel Name, Freq/VFO, Channel Frequency, and Channel Number).

400 Channels, 2 Power Levels, VFO & FPP
Easily program up to 400 regular UHF channel memories with 6-character alpha-numeric tags. A traditional FPP (Front Panel Programmable) VFO mode allows you to enter any frequency in the radio’s UHF Rx range with the keypad. There are 2 programmable power levels for operating compatibility and flexibility (UHF: 4+/0.5 W – Custom calibrated for GMRS simplex & repeater operation at a center of 465 MHz). There’s even a handy Bright LED Safety Flashlight and a Stopwatch feature built-in – great for emergencies, recreation & sporting events.

Pro Features & Ample 1 Year Warranty!
The KG-916 is an easy to operate radio with its compact size, simple menu system and Front Panel Programming. It includes a host of advanced features with the SHTF GMRS user in mind (see Key Features above) – The Wouxun KG-916 is the perfect GMRS companion radio to the UV9G PRO (even uses the same desk charger) and great for family members or group members! Each radio includes an extended-capacity USB-C 2600 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery (provides 22+ hours of operation between charges with battery-saver mode; a thinner 1700 mAh battery pack is available separately), 2-4 hour desk charger, a flexible, removable 4.5″ GMRS-Tuned SMA-Female rubber duck antenna for long range comms., a sturdy belt clip with metal screws and threads, a wrist strap, and a New English Quick-Start Guide. Backed with an impressive manufacturer 1 year limited warranty (on radio, 6 months on battery, charger and accessories), the Wouxun KG-916 GMRS is the high-quality, economical radio you always wanted!

Note: Transmitting on the GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) requires a license (currently $35 for 10 years and good for your entire immediate family – typically takes only a couple days to obtain online from the FCC). This radio is not “type-accepted” for transmitting on other bands such as Amateur/HAM, MURS, MMS, LMR, etc. The original KG-UV9P & new upgraded UV9PX radios are available for Amateur/Ham operation (or MARS/CAP & exempt GOV unlocked uses).


*IMPORTANT: This radio is meant for personal or business use by licensed GMRS operators during normal or emergency “SHTF” (S#it Hits The Fan) situations. Although this radio comes pre-programmed for Part 95E compliance with transmit locked to only the GMRS band, you are ultimately and solely responsible for operating this device in compliance with FCC licensing and regulations, regardless of how it comes programmed. For EmComm use, consult your COML or group communications coordinator regarding device compliance before any official public service operation. The free downloadable customer programming software made available for this radio by the manufacturer is for use by authorized service technicians or GMRS license holders to reprogram the radios for transmit on GMRS or receive-only on any other radio service (excluding cellular service). We are not responsible for any harm or loss caused by the use or misuse of this device. Please let us know if you have any compliance questions before purchasing.


More Features

Channels: 400 Channels – 400 UHF FM. Front Panel Programmable (and with optional USB Programming Cable), Large type backlit LCD Display with 6-character alpha-numeric channel names, simple menu system and quick-access programmable function buttons & side-keys. 3 display modes show either an alpha character channel memory name, a channel memory frequency, or a VFO frequency, with 1-click toggle. Note: PC programmable with optional USB cable and free software, or with my additional custom programming service – see the Programming & Consulting Services category.
Extra Receive: UHF Receive Range. Rx: 400-479.9975 MHz (FM UHF)
Battery: Operate 22+ hours between charges with the supplied extended-capacity USB-C 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery in the power saver mode. Quick side-key battery voltage display (also inside menu) to easily monitor battery life. This OEM battery charges via the built-in USB-C port and any USB-C powered hub, power bank or AC power brick, or with the included standard CHA-011 (CRG-8) desk top charger.

Note: Not compatible with high-current USB PD (Power Delivery) charging from a laptop Thunderbolt port and some Apple-branded cables. USB-C charging cable not included.

Applications: Ideal communications for radio enthusiasts, families, survivalists & individually-licensed business users (including private investigators and personal protection & security officers) to keep in touch. Great for SHTF (S#it Hits The Fan) Preppers & general “EmComm” Emergency communications also (CERT, REACT, National Neighborhood Watch, US Guardian Angels, EARS & more)!
Flashlight/VOX/FM Includes handy Bright LED Safety Flashlight and digital Stopwatch features, and a programmable hands-free VOX feature. The radio can also perform channel or frequency Scanning, with multiple scan resume modes, scan-advance & lock-out (scan on/off per channel) functions, and DTMF/ANI-ID Encoding. There’s also Free Windows Programming Software by Wouxun (download link above (coming soon) – requires optional USB cable & x86 Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or 11, or a Mac with Parallels), Roger Beep, Busy Channel Lockout, Keypad Lock, Transmit Time Out Timer, multiple Tuning Step Sizes (from 2.5 to 100 kHz), Power SaveBacklit Keypad and so much more! See the Key Features list above.
Audio Output: 500 mW of loud-speaker output for noisy environments. It’s surprisingly loud and clear for a radio of this size! Or attach an optional Kenwood K1-Style speaker-mic or covert earpiece for belt or backpack operation for discreet, unobtrusive communications via the standard Kenwood K1 audio jack.
Quiet Tones/Codes: 50 CTCSS & 105 DCS “PL” tones or digital coded squelch with split Tx/Rx capability, including non-standard PL tones. Quiet/privacy tones/codes are re-programmable with the optional USB Programming Cable or on the front panel keypad for field simplex & repeater programming and operation.
Special Features: 3 Side-buttons: Power Level, Talk-Around, Scan, Squelch Monitor, Display Mode, Battery Voltage, Flashlight Backlight as defaults, with user programmable options: DTMF/ANI-ID Select/Group Calling, Vox, Stopwatch & more. See the Programming Charts above for all the settings!
Package Includes: Commercial-Grade 400-Channel Single-Band superheterodyne GMRS radio (Operating Range: UHF 4+/0.5 W GMRS Tx, 400-480 MHz Rx, extended-capacity USB-C 2600 mAh lithium-ion batterydesk charger & AC Adapter, 4.5″ semi-flexible GMRS-tuned duck antenna (removable), sturdy belt clip w/ screws, wrist strap, and New English Quick-Start Guide to get you started with most operating features.
Opt. Accessories: External Compact & Heavy Duty Speaker-Mics, Extra Capacity 2600 mAh Li-ion Battery Pack, High Capacity (thin) 1700 mAh Li-ion Battery Pack, 12V Cig. Lighter Battery Eliminator, 12V Car Charger Adapter, USB Desk Charger Adapter, Magnetic Mount Dual-Band Vehicle Antenna, 2.75″ Stubby Flexible Antenna, Telescoping Whip Antenna, Tuned Single-Band Gain Smiley Antennas, Covert Earpiece w/ Lapel Mic & PTT, USB Programming Cable, Replacement Desk Charger, Replacement Belt Clip, and many more coming soon. Browse all of the 916 Accessories (coming soon).
Certifications: FCC Part 95E & 15B Certified (WVTWOUXUN21)
IP55 Dust & Water (Jets) Resistant

The radio customer programming software available here as a free download is provided by the manufacturer as a courtesy and is not guaranteed to be compatible with every possible computer system, available in the future, or updated in the future. While nearly everyone has success operating the software, sometimes after several free BSR support sessions, the software does not constitute part of a radio product and the inability to successfully operate the software does not constitute a DOA, incomplete, or dysfunctional radio product.

IMPORTANT: By downloading and using the radio customer programing software, you agree to be solely responsible for operating your radios in compliance with FCC licensing and regulations. BSR and Wouxun are not responsible for any harm caused by the use or misuse of the software to or by your radios. Let me know if you have any questions before purchasing.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.75 × 3.6 in

400, Programmable


Tx: GMRS, 30 Frequencies from 462.550-467.725 UHF
Custom Programmable for other UHF bands

Receiver Type

Double-Conversion Superheterodyne Analog

Receive Frequency Range

400-480 MHz (FM UHF)

Transmit Frequency Range

30 GMRS Frequencies from 462.550-467.725 mHz (FM UHF) including main repeater inputs
Custom Programmable*

Operating Modes

Single, Dual-Watch/Priority Channel Receive


50 CTCSS “PL/Privacy” Tones with Tx/Rx split capability
105 DCS Digital Coded Squelch "PL/Privacy" Codes with Tx/Rx split capability
Cross CTCSS/DCS Tx/Rx capable

Frequency Stability

±2.5 PPM

Receive Sensitivity

0.16µV (12 db SINAD)

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

≤70 dB @ 25 kHz
≤60 dB @ 12.5 kHz

Intermod Rejection

≤65 dB

Spurious Response Rejection

≤84 dB

Squelch Sensitivity

≤0.2 µV

Audio Power Output

500 mW, Built-In Loudspeaker
≤5% Distortion
Standard Kenwood K1 audio (and programming) jacks

RF Power Output

Custom Power Center Calibrated for GMRS Band (465 MHz):
High: 4+ W
Low: 0.5 W


FM (Frequency Modulation), ≤10% FM Distortion
WFM (Wide FM), 20 kHz inside 25 kHz Channel
NFM (Narrow FM), 12.5 kHz
Narrowband-Compliant with 2.5 kHz Tuning Steps

Max Deviation

WFM ±5 kHz
NFM ±2.5 kHz

Tx Spurious & Harmonics

≤-30 dBm

Antenna Impedance

50Ω, SMA-Male Connector
Tuned for GMRS Band Center (465 MHz)
Wide UHF Rx

Battery Pack

USB-C Chargeable 2600 mAh (19.24 Wh) 7.4 V Li-ion Extended Capacity, Included
2600 mAh (19.24 Wh) 7.4 V Li-ion Extended Capacity, Optional
1700 mAh (12.58 Wh) 7.4 V Li-ion Standard Capacity, Optional


DC 7.4 V via Li-ion Battery Pack or 12-24 V Battery Eliminator (ELO-003)

Radio Weight

Assembled Radio: 284 g (10 oz) with Stock 4.5" Antenna & Li-ion Battery Pack

Radio Dimensions (HxWxD)

121 x 58 x 39 mm without Antenna

Operating Temperature

-30° C ~ +60° C
-22° F ~ +140° F

Dust & Water Protection

IP55 Dust & Water (jets) Resistant

FCC Certification

FCC Part 95E & 15B Certified Device
Narrowband-Compliant with 2.5 kHz Tuning Steps (but not Part 90 Cert.)


1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty on Radio
6 Month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty on Battery & Charger

Radio/Programming Option:

(SHTF) National SHTF

4 reviews for Wouxun KG-916 GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner

  1. Shane Barton (verified owner)

    Great GMRS radio:

    Great GMRS radio especially if you use it outside. The screen is easily visible in direct sunlight with my old eyes. Other radios with fancy screens are a real challenge for me to see in bright sun light. Easy to use and easy to program from the keypad also. Matched with any GMRS smiley antenna, this radio will definitely get the job done and do it well.

  2. allenprice (verified owner)

    All are excellent:
    This is my third BSR GMRS radio purchase. One KG-UV9G PRO GMRS & now two KG-916 GMRS Radios; all are excellent.

    So good I bought this second KG-916 GMRS for a friend so he can have the same quality radio with this ease of use.

    I would have no problems buying another if the want or need arises. Simple to use, quality superheterodyne build, TX & RX are excellent and feels and operates like a solid rugged mobile GMRS radio. BetterSafeRadio support is excellent as well. Thank you.

  3. Kirk McCann (verified owner)

    One of my favorites:

    This radio is built solid! Quickly becoming one of my favorites. The audio quality of the speaker is great! I have not had any complaints from anyone who I talk to about how the radio sounds. I really can’t think of anything I would change about this radio. I would buy again.

  4. Mike Parsons (verified owner)

    Excellent in both TX & RX: Initial observations of this radio have been excellent in both TX & RX as well as simplicity of features and great audio quality of the speaker. Easily viewable in bright sun light and optional accessories have proven to be good as well. Please see some of my review videos on YouTube for further.


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