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BSR Custom Radio Programming Services for your Two-Way


Custom Radio Programming Services for your Two-Way – Wouxun, Ailunce, AnyTone, TYT, Retevis, QuanSheng or TERA.

I’ll perform research, make recommendations, and program any frequencies and radio settings that you desire (within FCC rules for any given radio). The default is 1 minute of programming or research time @ $120/hour (or a QTY of 1 for $2).

Includes custom radio programming & research for your two-way Ailunce HD1, Wouxun KG-UV9D Plus+, KG-UVPX, KG-UVGX, KG-UV9P, KG-UV9G PRO, KG-916 GMRS, KG-UV9D(Plus), KG-UV9D Mate, KG-UV9D, KG-UV7D, KG-UVA1-V2, KG-UV6D-V2, KG-UV6D, KG-UV6D PRO, KG-UV6X, KG-UV3D, KG-UV3X, KG-UV2D, AnyTone AT-D868UV DMR, TYT TH-8200, Retevis RT27 & RT47 FRS, RT27V & RT47V MURS, RT76P GMRS, RT76 GMRS, QuanSheng UV-R50 & TERA TR-500, TR-505 & TR-590 radios.

NOTE: I’m currently NOT accepting any new custom localization programming projects other than default SHTF codeplug re-programming, due to an overload of recent sales. I may resume the full custom programming service in the future. Contact me with any questions.

How Does This Work?

  • Add one or more new radios to your Cart and edit the quantity desired for each radio model. Skip this step if you are sending me your existing radio for re-programming or just ordering a codeplug programming file.
  • Then add this (BSR-PROG) custom radio programming service item to your cart (using the Add to Cart button above) and change the item quantity before checkout to the number of minutes of frequency research & programming time you think I’ll need to complete your project (or the the specified amount below for my codeplug). Most projects take at least 15-20 minutes, but can take as long as an hour or much more for radios with more channels or advanced features (like DMR), or if you have me researching hard-to-find frequencies. If you’re not sure how much time to add, you can always contact me for a quick estimate. I’ll bill you for any extra time required to complete your project (but only after your approval).
  • I do NOT provide TX range unlocking. You can do that yourself for some radios, for authorized uses only, with unlocking software readily available on the web, such as CHIRP. Contact me for more educational information on MARS/CAP/GOV amateur radio unlocking. Note: Legal GMRS radios can not be unlocked.
  • Send your radio back for restoration of original SHTF programming (if radio purchased from BSR) is just $20 per radio (so a QTY of 10 per radio) plus return shipping (usually $14 or less or a QTY of 7) for a total of $34 (QTY of 17 for this item). This requires you to send the radio body (no battery, antenna or other accessories if one of the radio models listed above) to me, then I will re-program and return to you. Bulk discounts are available – contact me for an estimate. I recommend you use shipping insurance for your return.
  • Programming your 3rd-party radio with my original SHTF codeplug is $30 per radio (so a Qty of 15 per radio) plus return shipping (usually $14 or less or a QTY of 7) for a total of $44 (QTY of 22 for this item). This requires you to send your radio body (with battery and antenna only if not one of the radio models listed above) to me, then I will program and return to you. I recommend you use shipping insurance for your return.
  • You can also purchase my SHTF codeplug file and restore the programming yourself (requires a USB cable and free or paid software) in RT Systems, CHIRP, Wouxun factory, or raw .xlsx or .csv format – Please use the Order Instructions field during checkout to specify what radio and file format you want) as long as you promise not to share or sell it, for $10 (a Qty of 5) if you purchased a compatible radio from me, or $20 (a Qty of 10) if you purchased your radio somewhere else. Bulk discounts are available – contact me for an estimate. I will email the file to you usually within about 24 hours.
  • BSR Return Address: (Important: include your name and new custom programming Order # inside the package.)
    5318 E 2ND ST 352
    LONG BEACH, CA 90803

For reprogramming, please place your programming order with this item, set the QTY to reflect the correct price with estimated return shipping, use the Order Instructions field during checkout to specify what radio and file format you want, and then return your radio (body only, no battery or antenna if it is a radio I sell, or ask me first) to the address on my Contact page. Include your new programing Order # on the outside and inside of the package.

For custom programing, you can also send me a spreadsheet or text document with your own custom channel chart, or start with one of my existing SHTF custom radio programming charts or templates, then optionally customize it to suit your own needs before emailing to me, which I can then build on, as needed.

I can guide you through the process with just a little help, or do everything for you!

Note: While I’m pretty good at finding specific entities and frequencies, not all frequencies can be found or used on all radios. For example, most of my radios can only receive analog or DMR digital signals, which means any signals using other digital modes such as P25 , Trunking or Spread-Spectrum can not be programmed. While this service does include custom radio programming for your previously “unlocked” radio, only frequencies that are within the FCC approved operating range of a given radio can be programmed for TX. I will let you know what’s available in your area if you’re interested in scanning Public Safety or specific commercial/industrial/business/government LMR channels, etc. I will not perform research or programming that I suspect may be for deliberate criminal or illegal intent and receive the right to refuse or halt any programming project for any reason (any unused time will be refunded less any payment transaction fees). No refunds for digital products such as programming CODEC files once the file has been sent.

IMPORTANT: Some custom radio programming options for our radios are meant for communications during emergency or “SHTF” (S#it Hits The Fan) situations. You are solely responsible for operating this device in compliance with FCC licensing and regulations, regardless of any custom programming I perform for you. We are not responsible for any harm caused by the use or misuse of these devices. Let me know if you have any questions before purchasing.

Additional information


See list in Description.
Ask about other models first.


Unlimited Memories (up to max in radio)
Any Analog or DMR VHF/UHF frequencies you desire (within usable range of radio)
Can have a separate Rx & Tx frequency on each channel
Includes FM Broadcast Radio Station memories (for radios with FM Radio feature)


LMR (Business Band), GMRS, FRS, MURS, HAM (Amateur Radio),
MMS (Marine), WX (NOAA Weather), AIR, CAP, MARS, PMR446,
PS (Public Safety), GOV, MIL, ISR, AAR (Railroad) & Much More!
Not all radios can tune to all bands, even when unlocked.
See radio custom programming options for details.

Frequency Coverage

See radio custom programming options or specifications for details.


260 CTCSS/DCS “PL/Privacy” tones or digital codes with split capability
See radio custom programming options for details

RF Power Output

See radio custom programming options for details.


FM (Frequency Modulation) – NFM (Narrow Band FM), WFM (Wide Band FM)
AM (Amplitude Modulation) – Typically for AIR Band communications
See radio custom programming options for details.

Radio Settings & Options

RF Power Level, Side-Key Functions (short & long press),
Power Save Mode, Timeout Timer, Key Beeps, Scanning Mode,
Scanning Resume Alert, Power-On Sound/Display, Squelch Levels,
Tx DTMF ID, Tx Squelch Tail, VOX Mode Settings, Scan Mode Settings,
Cross-Band Repeater Settings, Priority Scanning/Channel, Scan Groups,
Scan Ranges, Scan Groups, Group Calling, etc.
See radio custom programming options for details.

3 reviews for Custom Radio Programming Services

  1. WRQH566

    5 Stars are Not Enough …Seriously!!

    I am very genuinely impressed with the exceptional, prompt and professional service I was greeted with upon requesting additional information regarding features of a radio being offered.

    I received a very nice, detailed, clear and easy to read response answering all my questions. I had a few more additional questions and received responses via text extremely quickly.

    Additionally, I appreciate the patience I was given even for a simple routine order. I felt valued as a customer and couldn’t be happier.

    It was a pure joy to be greeted by a professional who took my inquires serious and made my purchasing experience a positive one. BetterSafeRadio has earned a life long customer.

    I highly recommend BetterSafeRadio as I know you will be in good hands. Very well done!!

    Very respectfully,

  2. Paul Reithmayer (verified owner)

    What a Great Company Mark Has:

    The software he can put on my radio would have taken months of searching and a whole lot of Frustration on my part.
    I also bought the RT software,so when the radio came I just added a couple frequencies I wanted in record time.
    At record time I thought for being a amateur.
    Sent a radio bought somewhere else and it was back in my hands in days.
    Which is real important to us who live on the Arizona Border right now, since it has to go with us everywhere we go.
    Now I can’t wait to get my hands on the Wouxun KG-UV9G I ordered from Mark.
    Thank you for your prompt service and helping A rookie.
    Mark, you own a great company to deal with.
    The SHTF for us
    5 star company +

  3. Kenneth van Wyk (verified owner)

    Happy To Recommend: A few months ago, I started my search for a few GMRS and ham products including antennas, handheld radios, and a mobile radio to mount semi-permanently in my house. I found Mark at BetterSafeRadio and am happy to provide my endorsement here. (I have zero affiliation and expect NOTHING in return for this.)

    Mark has been helpful, professional, and supportive throughout each of my purchases — which included a special order for a mobile radio and power supply.

    Throughout the process, Mark let me know when items were on back order, special order, shipping, etc., and always with the personal touch of a small business. As a small business owner myself, I always appreciate that kind of personal touch you simply don’t find with the big box stores.

    If you’re looking for a helpful and knowledgeable supplier for radio equipment, look no further. I, for one, am happy to recommend BetterSafeRadio without reservation.

    Thanks, Mark!

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