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ReadySafeGo™ Means Your Two-Way Radio Is Good To Go!

ReadySafeGo = Charged, Programmed, Tested & No DOA!

Here’s a common scenario: You spend perhaps hours researching the right gear for your emergency or prepper/SHTF communications rig, place your order and wait patiently (or not – hehe). You check your tracking link and the day has come – your radios are going to arrive today. Maybe you even block out a little extra time to play with everything later that day, and then the dreaded happens… one of your radios is DOA and you start cursing the Chinese gods!

Or in another less disappointing but common scenario, your radios work fine, but you can’t use them until you charge the battery packs for a couple hours. What fun is that?!

There’s nothing more frustrating and we’ve been there! That’s why at, we’ve created our ReadySafeGo™ service – It’s our policy and pledge to you that we charge every battery pack and pre-program (or custom program when available) most radios before they get packed and shipped to you!

ReadySafeGo = Charged, Programmed, Tested & No DOA!We make sure each Li-ion battery pack (including spares) are at least shelf-charged so that when you unbox your new two-way radio, you can use it immediately.

That’s what we would expect as a customer, so that’s what we deliver!

While we can’t possibly test your radio with all accessories (and sometimes that’s a sanitary thing, for example with earpieces and speaker mics), this policy has let us maintain a nearly 100% NO DOA radios success rate, with well over 4000 radios shipped. That means no radio return hassles for you, our loyal customer.

Now, we did recently experience repeated QC (Quality Control) issues with the TERA/Powerwerx radios, and while they were reliable radios when you got a good one, there were just far too many returns on our end. This was totally unacceptable, so we dropped the brand (and also because of their horrible dealer support and several customer complaints about problems with their sales & support staff).

We also try and visually inspect all accessories and perform some basic tests, like making sure our speaker mics and earpiece PTT buttons have a nice positive “click” on the PTT switches.

Most radio importers and dealers (especially the big radio superstores) can’t afford to offer this level of service, but we feel it’s a must, even though it does cost us some extra time (i.e. money).

The last thing you need as a prepper, survivalist, active EmComm Amateur, business user, or just a casual GMRS/MURS or HAM operator, is to be stuck with a DOA radio. When you buy a two-way radio from BetterSafeRadio, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your gear will be ReadySafeGo™!

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