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A Prepper’s Dream SHTF Radio

A Prepper’s Dream SHTF Radio
June 3, 2016 BSR Mark

“Should I have a UHF two-way GMRS radio for urban emergency communications?

How about a VHF MURS radio for more rural/outdoor situations?

I’d really like both, in the same SHTF radio, but with FCC Certification.”

This is a conversation that many peppers have in their own head, and unless you’re willing to forego the certification or carry 2 different SHTF radios, there aren’t many options.

The TERA TR-505 is a US-designed commercial-grade dual-band two-way radio ideal for emergency communications, with a warranty supported in the US and personalized support and custom programming provided by BetterSafeRadio and our ReadySafeGo™ service, where we charge and test every radio that we ship so that it’s ready to use the second you unpack it.

Here’s our idea of the ideal bug-out EmComm radio that has both GMRS & MURS bands (and more, like NOAA/NWS WX reception) in the same unit, and has type certification for both (although perhaps not at the same time – the jury is still out on this, but it does has the FCC ID!):

Better Safe Radio TERA TR-505-D Programming Chart v01

This custom programming is available in the TERA TR-505-D that we’re selling now, for a limited time. It’s a real commercial-grade emergency two-way “SHTF” radio with performance far superior of the cheap blister-pack GMRS/FRS radios you find at the superstore, and of course, it does GMRS & MURS (and a lot more with some custom programming).

You can learn more about the TR-505 and our custom radio programming offer at BetterSafeRadio.com.

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