A Prepper’s Dream SHTF Radio

A Prepper’s Dream SHTF Radio
June 3, 2016 BetterSafeRadio

“Should I have a UHF two-way GMRS radio for urban emergency communications?

How about a VHF MURS radio for more rural/outdoor situations?

I’d really like both, in the same SHTF radio, but with FCC Certification.”

This is a conversation that many peppers have in their own head, and unless you’re willing to forego the certification or carry 2 different SHTF radios, there aren’t many options.

The TERA TR-505 is a US-designed commercial-grade dual-band two-way radio ideal for emergency communications, with a warranty supported in the US and personalized support and custom programming provided by BetterSafeRadio and our ReadySafeGo™ service, where we charge and test every radio that we ship so that it’s ready to use the second you unpack it.

Some customers have programmed their radio as the ideal bug-out EmComm radio that has both GMRS & MURS bands (and more, like NOAA/NWS WX reception) in the same unit. Now, while the TR-505 has type certification for both of these bands, it can legally only be programmed to transmit on one band at a time. The customer-submitted “GMAX” (shown below) and “GTRV” programming charts shown on the TR-505 product page reveals all of the channels.

Custom programming is available in the TERA TR-505 and it is also PC programmable using an optional USB programming cable and the free TERA software. It’s a real commercial-grade emergency two-way “SHTF” radio with performance far superior of the cheap blister-pack GMRS/FRS radios you find at the superstore, and of course, it does GMRS & MURS (and a lot more with some custom programming).

You can learn more about the TR-505 and our custom radio programming options at BetterSafeRadio.com.

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