Wouxun KG-UVA1-V2 Commercial LMR or Amateur Ham Two-Way Radio


Reliable 5 Watt, 16 Channel Dual-Band Pre-Programmed Superhet VHF/UHF Part 90 Commercial or Ham Two-Way Radio

2m/1.25m version also available  •  See homepage for latest shipping/backorder estimates & status.


Wouxun KG-UVA1-V2 Commercial LMR or Amateur Ham Two-Way Radio


Note: The 144 mHz/220 mHz (2 m/1.25 m) version is also available (incl. 2600mAh battery). See the Radio & Programming Options Above.


Key Features

16 Channels • Programmable • Custom VHF 5/2 Watts • Custom UHF 4/2 Watts • Dual-BandIP55 Jets Rated • Handheld • Analog FM • Superheterodyne Receiver • Extra-Capacity 1700 mAh (12.58 Wh) Li-ion Battery • Part 90 FCC Certification • Part 97 Amateur/Ham • Custom Extended Operating Range (see below) • FM Broadcast Radio • 2 Programmable Keys • 2.5 kHz Tuning Steps • Flashlight6.5″ Wide-Band flexible SMA-Female Antenna (removable) • Wrist Strap • Belt Clip • English Manual

Tx Range (MHz): 136-174 VHF • Extended 406.1-512 UHF – Part 90 LMR Business Configuration (144-148 & 219-225 MHz for “220” version.)
Rx Range (MHz): 76-108 FM Broadcast Radio • 136-174 VHF • 375-512 UHF (only from BSR) (76-108, 136-174 & 216-280 MHz for “220” version.)

ReadySafeGo™ charged, tested & custom pre-programmed for SHTF* with 16 channels! ($20+ Value!) – Ships with FCC Part 90 LMR compliance. User programmable with free (downloadable) or advanced software kit.*

Custom Programming & Consulting Available! Not sure what you need? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Shipping Note: Due to USPS restrictions, we are only able to ship 1 extra battery pack per radio and only 2 battery packs total per package via 2-3 Day Priority-Mail (air) service. Orders with 3 or more Li-ion battery packs must be sent by Priority-Mail (surface transport) service only, which may take longer than the normal 2-3 days. Packages with over 5 pounds of batteries will need to be split up into multiple shipments. Contact us if you have any questions.

Note: The UVA1 can be RESET by a keypad Menu option. Doing so will return the radio to a default configuration and will delete all of the pre-programmed SHTF channels. Please save a backup your radio codeplug (programming file) using the free Wouxun factory software and the “red” Wouxun USB cable (sold separately) or the RT Systems Advanced Programming Software & USB Cable Kit (sold separately) in case you ever unintentionally RESET the radio. If you’ve accidentally RESET your radio, please see the restoration options on my Custom Radio Programming Services page here.



The trusted Wouxun KG-UVA1-V2 is an upgraded 16 channel programmable dual-band handheld analog superheterodyne FM LMR or Ham two-way radio transceiver with 5 Watts of VHF power (4 W on UHF), and a lightweight but sturdy build, ideal for LMR, public safety, security, industry, business, amateur radio, SHTF preppers, survivalists or EmComm emergency communications. It has 2.5 kHz tuning steps for narrowband compliance and comes custom pre-programmed for LMR Business Use with 16 Itinerant Land Mobile Radio frequencies (with FCC Part 90 LMR compliance, requires an LMR license). Amateur Radio/HAM configuration available. Programmable with free (downloadable) or advanced software kit. Similar to the older KG-UVA1 & DB-16X, with extended UHF range and a lower price!

With up to 5 Watts of VHF power and 4 W of UHF power (custom 2 W on low power for VHF/UHF LMR use, only from BSR – 4 W on 1.25 m for “220” version), an extended UHF operating range (375-512 MHz Rx for LMR configuration, only from BSR), a talk-around range of 1 to 6+ miles (many more when used with repeaters), and with an extra-capacity 1700 mAh Li-ion battery pack (a $24 value!), the KG-UVA1-V2 provides reliable commercial or emergency radio communications for amateurs, preppers, survivalists, Neighborhood Watch, ARES, RACES & CERT groups to keep in touch when other methods of communication break down. IP55 rated and Part 90 Certified & Part 97 compliant. Similar to the older KG-UVA1X & DB-16X, but with extended UHF receive range and a lower price!

The KG-UVA1-V2 operating range is as good or better than any other affordable Commercial/Ham radio, even with its included stock whip antenna, which is better than most radios in this price range. As well, with our hi-gain whip antenna upgrade, an emergency Ed Fong roll-up, external mobile-mount, or base station antenna, you will see a significantly improved talk range, even when communicating with another stock handheld. The KG-UVA1-V2 is also repeater-capable (even split-band), greatly extending the potential operating range. With built-in FM Broadcast Radio receiver and scanning capability, the KG-UVA1-V2 is also great for SHTF or recreational uses.



Commercial LMR or Ham Radio Configurations with Extended UHF Rx
Great Part 90 commercial LMR radio for public safety or business use, with 2.5 kHz narrowband compliance. Full 5 Watts of transmit power on VHF and 4 Watts on UHF for maximum range. Optional SHTF (S#it Hits The Fan) configuration available for Survival preppers and Amateur Radio (Ham) communications, including CERT, ARES, RACES & SKYWARN. Custom configured only for BSR with extended 375-512 MHz UHF receive range. Note: We offer custom programming for this radio – see the Radio Programming Charts below!

Built-In Flashlight & FM Broadcast Radio (optional Scanning/SOS Alarm) 
Includes a bright built-in LED Flashlight – handy for emergencies or on the job-site. Allows monitoring a “home” channel while listening to FM Broadcast Radio without missing regular calls. Can optionally program a side-key to toggle Scanning Mode on/off (without missing regular calls) or activating an SOS Alarm, instead of the FM Radio feature.

16 Channels, Custom Power Levels, Voice Announce
Easily program up to 16 regular VHF/UHF channel memories with 2 programmable power levels for operating flexibility, and with custom power calibration only available from BSR (VHF: 5/2 W, UHF: 4/2 W). Includes Voice-Announce confirmations with current channel and other functions for operation on your belt or in a holster {with a speaker-mic or earpiece}, without having to take the radio out or look at it.

Pro Features & 1 Year Warranty!
Simple to operate radio with its compact size and reliable, rugged IP55 case. Each radio includes an extra-life 1700 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery (provides 18+ hours of operation between charges with battery-saver mode) instead of the normal 1300 mAh battery, 2-4 hour desk charger, flexible coated wide-band whip antenna (wide-band 6.5″), belt clip, wrist strap & user manual. Backed with impressive 1 year limited warranty (on radio, 6 months on battery and charger).

Note: Amateur Radio (Ham) & LMR operations require an FCC license. This radio is not “type-accepted” for use on other bands such as GMRS, FRS, MURS, MMS, etc.

*IMPORTANT: This radio is meant for personal use by licensed amateur radio operators during normal or emergency “SHTF” (S#it Hits The Fan) situations, or for business/commercial use as a Part 90 FCC narrow-band compliant commercial LMR. Although our amateur radios come programmed for Part 97 compliance with transmit locked to only the Ham bands, you are ultimately and solely responsible for operating this device in compliance with FCC licensing and regulations, regardless of how it comes programmed. For EmComm use, consult your COML regarding device compliance before any official public service operation. The free downloadable custom programming software made available for this radio by the manufacturer is for use by service technicians authorized or licensed to reprogram the radios for any given radio service. We are not responsible for any harm or loss caused by the use or misuse of this device. Please let us know if you have any compliance questions before purchasing.



Channels: 16 Channels – 16 VHF/UHF user-programmable memory channels. Optional Voice Announce to indicate current channel for holster/pocket operation. Note: PC programmable with optional USB cable and free or advanced software, or with our additional Custom Programming & Consulting service.
Wide Receive: Extended Operating Range with FM Broadcast. Rx: 76-108 MHz (FM Broadcast Radio), 136-174 MHz (FM VHF), 375-512 MHz (FM UHF) only from BSR!
Battery: Operate 18+ hours between charges with the supplied extra-capacity 1700 mAh lithium-ion battery in the power saver mode. Power-on battery voltage display (and inside menu) to easily monitor battery life. Optional standard 1300 mAh battery pack available for thinner profile and light-duty uses. Optional extended-capacity 2600 mAh battery pack available for heavy-duty uses.
Applications: Ideal communications for business, industry, volunteer fire depts., public safety, private security, hobbyists, survivalists & (amateur radio) Hams to keep in touch. Great for SHTF (S#it Hits The Fan) Preppers & general “EmComm” Emergency communications also!
Flashlight/VOX/FM Includes a bright LED Flashlight feature, a hands-free VOX feature (optional programmable), and FM Broadcast Radio receiver – Great for monitoring a game, talk radio, music or an emergency broadcast. There’s also an optional SOS Alarm mode (optional programmable), Scanning with priority and multiple scan resume modes, and DTMF Encoding (programmable), and ANI-ID (programmable). There’s also Free Windows Programming Software, Busy Channel Lockout, Low-Voltage Prompt, Transmit Time Out & Alert, multiple Tuning Step Sizes (from 2.5 to 100 kHz, narrowband compliant), Power Save, and more!
Audio Output: >500 mW of loud-speaker output for noisy environments. It’s surprisingly loud for a radio of this size, with clean superhet audio! Or attach an optional speaker-mic or covert earpiece for belt-operation or discreet, unobtrusive communications via the standard Kenwood K1 audio jack.
Quiet Tones/Codes: 50 CTCSS & 105 DCS “PL” tones or digital codes with split capability. Quiet/privacy tones/codes are re-programmable with the optional USB Programming Cable. Note: We can re-program the radio with standard/default PL tones – see the Radio Programming Charts below!
Special Features: 2 Side-buttons (one programmable) as follows: Scan Mode, SOS Alarm, or FM RadioSee the Radio Programming Charts below for all settings!
Package Includes: Commercial-Grade 16-Channel Dual-Band radio (Operating Range: VHF 5/2 W 136-174 MHz, UHF 4/2 W 375-512 MHz), 1700 mAh lithium-ion batterydesk charger, 6.5″ dual-band flexible SMA-Female whip antennasturdy belt clip w/ screws, wrist strapuser manual.
Opt. Accessories: External Compact & Heavy Duty Speaker Mics, AA Alkaline Battery Case, Spare 1300, 1700 or 2600 mAh Li-ion Battery Packs, 12 V Cig. Lighter Battery Eliminator, 12 V Car Charger Adapter, 18″ Magnetic Mount Dual-Band Vehicle Antenna, Hi-Gain 15″ Whip Antenna, 2.75″ Stubby Flexible Antenna, Ext. Covert Earpiece, USB Radio Programming Cable, Replacement Desk Charger, and Replacement Belt Clip.
Certifications: FCC Part 90 Certified with LMR Narrow-Band Compliance (Part 97 Amateur Radio use compliant)
IP55 Dust & Water (jets) Resistant

Programming Chart (VFO & Menu locked per FCC for LMR compliance)

16 Channels
LMR BIZ SHTF – VHF/UHF View LMR BIZ “SHTF” Custom Programming Chart

Custom Programming Software

KG-UVA1-V2 Ham CPS (Windows) KG-UVA1-V2 Programmer
Driver WXUSB CP210x “Red” USB Cable Driver CP210x WXUSB USB Driver

The radio customer programming software available here as a free download is provided by the manufacturer as a courtesy and is not guaranteed to be compatible with every possible computer system, available in the future, or updated in the future. While nearly everyone has success operating the software, sometimes after several free BSR support sessions, the software does not constitute part of a radio product and the inability to successfully operate the software does not constitute a DOA, incomplete, or dysfunctional radio product.

IMPORTANT: By downloading and using the radio customer programing software, you agree to be solely responsible for operating your radios in compliance with FCC licensing and regulations. BSR and Wouxun are not responsible for any harm caused by the use or misuse of the software to or by your radios. Let me know if you have any questions before purchasing.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 7.75 × 4.5 in

16, Programmable


Tx: LMR or Ham, Ham-Only for "220" version
Custom Programmable for other VHF/UHF bands

Receiver Type

FM Superheterodyne
Dual-Watch with Broadcast FM Radio Enabled

Receive Frequency Range

76-108 MHz (Broadcast FM Radio)
136-174 MHz (FM VHF)
375-512 MHz (FM UHF)
"220" Version: 216-280 MHz FM instead of UHF

Transmit Frequency Range

LMR: 136-174 MHz (FM VHF), as shipped for Part 90 compliance
LMR: 406.1-512 MHz (FM UHF), as shipped for Part 90 compliance
HAM: 144-148 MHz (FM 2M Ham VHF), Optional, Programmable
HAM: 420-450 MHz (FM 70cm Ham UHF), Optional, Programmable
"220" Version: HAM 219-225 MHz instead of UHF

Operating Modes

Single Receive
Dual-Watch with Broadcast FM Radio Enabled


155 CTCSS/DCS “PL/Privacy” tones or digital codes with split capability

Frequency Stability

±2.5 PPM

Receive Sensitivity

0.16 µV 12 db SINAD

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

≥70 dB @ 25 kHz
≥60 dB @ 12.5 kHz

Intermod Rejection

≥65 dB

Spurious Response Rejection

≤-57 dBm 9 KHz – 1 GHz
≤-47 dBm 1 GHz – 4 GHz

Audio Power Output

500 mW, Built-In Loudspeaker
≤5% Distortion
Standard Kenwood K1 audio (and programming) jacks

RF Power Output

VHF High Power: 5 W / Low Power: 2 W
UHF High Power: 4 W / Low Power: 2 W
"220" Version: 4 W on 1.25m


FM (Frequency Modulation), ≤10% FM Distortion
WFM (Wide Band FM), 25 kHz
NFM (FM Narrow Band), 12.5 kHz
Narrowband-Compliant with 2.5 kHz Tuning Steps

Max Deviation

WFM ±5 kHz
FMN ±2.5 kHz

Tx Spurious & Harmonics

≤-36 dBm

Antenna Impedance

50Ω, SMA-Female Connector
Widely-Tuned for LMR or HAM use

Battery Pack

1700 mAh (12.58 Wh) 7.4 V Li-ion, Extra Capacity, Included
2600 mAh (19.24 Wh) 7.4 V Li-ion, Extended Capacity, Optional
1300 mAh (9.62 Wh) 7.4 V Li-ion, Standard Capacity, Optional


DC 7.4 V via Li-ion Battery Pack, AA Battery Case or 12 V Battery Eliminator

Radio Weight

Assembled Radio: 228 g (10 oz) with Stock 8" Antenna & 1700 mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Radio Dimensions (HxWxD)

121 x 61 x 36 mm without Antenna, with 1700 mAh Battery Pack
121 x 61 x 39 mm without Antenna, with 2600 mAh Battery Pack (optional)

Operating Temperature

-30° C ~ +60° C
-22° F ~ +140° F

Dust & Water Protection

IP55 Dust & Water (jets) Resistant

FCC Certification

FCC Part 90 Certified device & Part 97 Amateur Radio (Ham) Compliant
Part 97 Ham Only for "220" version
Narrowband-Compliant with 2.5 kHz Tuning Steps


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Radio
6 Months Manufacturer's Warranty on Battery & Charger

Radio & Programming Option:

(LMR) 2m/70cm LMR Business S#it Hits The Fan, (220) 2m/1.25cm HAM Stock


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