Wouxun BLO-012 BAT-9P Extra Capacity 3200 mAh Li-ion Battery Pack


Wouxun BLO-012 BAT-9P Li-ion Battery Pack 3200 mAh

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Extra capacity Wouxun BLO-012 BAT-9P 3200 mAh (23.68 Wh) Li-ion rechargeable battery pack for Wouxun KG-UV9PX, KG-UV9GX, KG-UV9G, KG-UV9P, KG-UV9D(Plus) & KG-UV9D two-way radio handhelds.

7.4 Volts and offers over 22+ hours of operation between recharges and full RF output of the popular hi-power UV9-Series HTs.

This OEM battery charges with the standard CHA-011 (CRG-8) desk top charger (not included). Includes an extra OTH-001 belt clip!

IMPORTANT: There have been some reports recently that the threads in the BLO-012 threaded holes may have some debris left over from the manufacturing process that Wouxun is working on rectifying. In the meantime, please use caution when attaching the belt clip. If you encounter resistance when driving in the screw, back the screw out slightly and then back in, going slightly deeper with each drive, to “clean” out the screw heads. This should loosen up the screw without having to apply enough torque that could shear off the screw head. You can also request to have your belt clip pre-installed by leaving a note in the order instructions when you checkout.

Shipping Note: Due to USPS restrictions, we are only able to ship 1 extra battery pack per radio and only 2 battery packs total per package via 2-3 Day Priority-Mail (air) service. Orders with 3 or more Li-ion battery packs must be sent by Priority-Mail (surface transport) service only, which may take longer than the normal 2-3 days. Packages with over 5 pounds of batteries will need to be split up into multiple shipments. Contact mw if you have any questions.

Additional information

Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.75 × 1.75 in

3200 mAh (23.68 Wh)
Over 22+ hours of operation between charges.


7.4 VDC

Radio Compatibility

Wouxun KG-UV9PX
Wouxun KG-UV9GX
Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO
Wouxun KG-UV9P
Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate
Wouxun KG-UV9T
Wouxun KG-UV9K
Wouxun KG-UV9D (Plus)
Wouxun KG-UV9D

Charger Compatibility

Wouxun Standard CRG-9 Desk Charger (not included)


Black, plastic
Direct OEM replacement of BLO-010 high-capacity or BLO-012 extra-capacity batteries

Dust & Water Protection

IP55 Dust & Water (jets) Resistant


30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty


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