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TERA TR-505-LBCA1 Long Beach, California Neighborhood Safety Custom Programming Chart

You can print the image (click on chart below to open in a new window) or download the PDF (original v01 version) of the Custom Programming Chart that comes with the TERA TR-505-LBCA1 Long Beach, California Neighborhood Safety two-way MURS/GMRS/PD/FD/WX radio.

Custom Programmed with 5 MURS Simplex Channels, 2 GMRS/FRS Simplex (“interstitial”) Channels, 2 GMRS Simplex Channels, 4 LBPD Channels (Rx Only), 1 LB Fire/EMS Channel (Rx Only) & 2 WX (NOAA/NWS Weather Rx Only) Channels (LA & OC).

BetterSafeRadio TR-505-LBCA1 Long Beach Safety Radio Promo

This radio is programmed specifically for Long Beach residents that want to be active in looking out for their neighbors and coordinating reports about suspicious activity, and also monitoring the PD/FD response (please don’t engage suspects yourself!). MURS Channel 2 (no license required) has been designated as the Long Beach Neighborhood Safety Channel (but may also be used/shared by other groups or businesses). This IP54 dust & water (splash) resistant radio will scan the LB Safety, Police & Fire/EMS channels. A “no test” license (currently $65 for 5 years) is required to use the GMRS channels, if desired.

Contact us with any questions about this radio configuration.

Better Safe Radio TERA TR-505-LBCA1 Programming Chart v02b

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