TERA TR-505 Dual-Band GMRS MURS Emergency Two-Way Handheld Radio

TERA TR-505 Dual-Band GMRS MURS Emergency Two-Way Handheld Radio

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The mid-tier TERA TR-505 is a 16 channel multi-use UHF analog FM GMRS handheld radio which is usable for SHTF prepping, emergency communications, business, security, neighborhood safety, or a variety of recreational activities including camping, hiking, hunting or special events. Note that this radio’s certification may not be valid due to the duplicate FCC ID for GMRS & MURS versions of the same radio.

DISCONTINUED! See the new Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO GMRS full-power – We’ve discontinued working with TERA/Powerwerx due to poor QC and a lack of dealer support. We do still have a handful of accessories available though, and still offer custom programming for the TR-500-Series radios. Purchase your TR-505 accessories here, while supplies last!

With up to 4 Watts of power and a talk-around range of 1 to 7+ miles (much more when programmed for GMRS/Ham repeaters), the TR-505 provides reliable emergency & recreational radio communications for preppers, friends, families, Neighborhood Watch & CERT groups, and businesses to keep in touch when other methods of communication break down. IP54 rated and Part 95E & J compliant.

Custom Programming & Consulting still available.
Not sure what you need? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

See below for all the details! SOLD OUT!

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    ReadySafeGo™ charged, tested & custom pre-programmed for GMRS + SHTF* with 877 channels!

    Custom Programming & Consulting Available!

    Not sure what you need? Contact me and I'll be happy to help!

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    $189.99 $169.00

The mid-tier TERA TR-505 is a 16 channel multi-use UHF analog FM GMRS handheld radio which is usable for SHTF prepping, emergency communications, business, security, neighborhood safety, or a variety of recreational activities including camping, hiking, hunting or special events. Note that this radio’s certification may not be valid due to the duplicate FCC ID for GMRS & MURS versions of the same radio.

DISCONTINUED!  Purchase your TR-505 accessories here, while supplies last! See the new Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO GMRS full-power replacement.

The TR-505 provides reliable emergency radio communications for peppers, friends, families, Neighborhood Watch & CERT groups, and businesses to keep in touch when other methods of communication break down. It can also be programmed to monitor all 7 NOAA National Weather Service “All Hazards” WX Weather Stations, MMS Marine Radio channels, Land Mobile Radio (business band) frequencies, Public Safety Police, Fire, EMS and city government channels, and any other frequency in its usable range of VHF 136-174MHz & UHF 400-470MHz (narrowband-compliant with 2.5kHz tuning steps – only type-accepted for Tx on GMRS or MURS, and one service at a time).

This radio is NOT A TOY like the blister-pack or bubble-pack FRS/GMRS radios you get at the superstore that claim ridiculous operating ranges – These are sturdy, full power, commercial-grade two-way radios designed in the U.S., with high performance, great (loud) audio output and an IP54 Dust & Water (splash) Resistant rating. With our signature ReadySafeGo™ service, we fully charge the battery pack, custom program for you (except for stock radios – see custom programming options above), and test each unit (including antenna, desk charger & power pack), so your new radio is guaranteed to be usable the second you open the box, and to NOT be DOA!

The TR-505 operating range is as good or better than any other pro GMRS or MURS radio, even with its stock flexible antenna. The claims made on cheap blister-pack radios, even by major manufacturers, are mostly bogus and certainly misleading (that asterisk is there for a reason). A 5 Watt radio with a 2″ antenna will not operate up to 35 miles (often not even 6) except almost as a fluke in the most accommodating of operating conditions.
Realistically, handheld radios are going to give you from 1/2 mile to 2 or so miles, give or take. In the city, this will be on the lower end, and in rural settings with only a few minor obstructions, you can see a communication range of 5-7 miles, possibly more. We won’t make any bogus claims that you’re going to get 30+ miles with a 2-5 Watt radio, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well this pocket radio actually performs. As well, with our hi-gain whip, external mobile-mount, portable roll-up, or base antennas, you will see a significantly improved talk range, even when communicating with another stock handheld.
Note: The latest version of this radio may say “Recreation” instead of “GMRS/MURS” (as pictured here) on the front lower base of the radio, but the electronics are the same.
Shipping Note: Due to USPS restrictions, we are only able to ship 1 extra battery pack per radio and only 2 battery packs total per package via 2-3 Day Priority-Mail (air) service. Orders with 3 or more Li-ion battery packs must be sent by Priority-Mail (surface transport) service only, which may take longer than the normal 2-3 days. Packages with over 5 pounds of batteries will need to be split up into multiple shipments. Contact us if you have any questions.
GMRS or MURS Recreation, Business & More!
Factory Pre-programmed with 16 GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) UHF channels, including both repeater and direct handheld to handheld communications (preprogrammed MURS VHF radio options available also). Ideal for use with most outdoor activities including: hiking, biking, skiing, and hunting. Also usable for business, security, CERT, and personal neighborhood safety operations! Full 4 Watts of transmit power on UHF (5 Watts on VHF – 2 Watts default in the MURS configuration) for increased range and coverage area. Note: We offer several custom programming configurations for this radio – see the Radio Programming Options above and Radio Programming Charts below!
Voice Announce & Customizable Function Keys
Built-in voice announce feature for memory channel, battery level, channel lock/unlock and scan on/off status. 2 programmable side-keys provide access to other optional features, such as VOX mode, squelch monitor, power level, and alarm. Note: Stock GMRS programming includes Battery Level, Channel Lock, Tx Power & Squelch Monitor assigned to side-keys (other options are user-programmable with optional USB cable or our custom programming service – see the Radio Programming Options above).
Rugged Design & 1 Year Warranty!
Rugged handheld radio designed in the U.S.A., with loud receive audio. Includes a 1 year limited warranty, factory supported and serviced in the United States (Southern California).
Simple Operation, VOX & Li-ion Battery
Easy to operate radio with its compact size and simple to use top mounted volume and channel knobs. Optional hands-free VOX (Voice-Operated) mode with use of a VOX-capable headset or earpiece (VOX mode must be programmed on a side-key – not all programming options have VOX enabled). Each radio includes a Li-ion rechargeable battery pack (which provides up to 30 hours of operation between charges with battery-saver mode enabled), 2 hour desk charger & AC power pack, flexible VHF/UHF antenna, belt clip, wrist strap & English user manual.

NoteGMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) operation requires a license (currently est. $70 for 10 years and good for your entire immediate family – typically takes only a couple days to obtain online from the FCC), and is typically better for indoor/urban environments. MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) is license-free for 2-Watt operations. MURS uses the VHF band, which generally better for outdoor/rural communications. Having the capability of both bands (and NOAA “All Hazards” National Weather Service stations) in the same emergency radio (only one programmed for Tx at a time to maintain FCC compliance) is unique and essential!

IMPORTANT: Some customer-submitted programming options for this radio are meant for communications during emergency or “SHTF” (S#it Hits The Fan) situations and may not be type-accepted configurations. You are solely responsible for operating this device in compliance with FCC licensing and regulations, regardless of any custom programming we perform for you. We are not responsible for any harm or damages caused by the use or misuse of this device. Let us know if you have any questions before purchasing.

Features (Stock Radio)

GMRS Channels: 16 GMRS UHF channels, 8 direct handheld to handheld channels and 8 repeater channels. Note: We offer several custom programming configurations for this radio (including FCC compliant legal MURS) – see the Radio Programming Options above and Radio Programming Charts below!
Battery: Operate 30 hours between charges with the supplied 1600 mAh lithium-ion battery in the power saver mode. Includes voice announce to indicate selected channel and to monitor battery life.
Applications: Ideal communications for friends and family to keep in touch. Recommended for recreational activities including hiking, biking, skiing and hunting. Perfect for personal and business emergency communications also!
Pre-programmed: Factory programmed with 16 pre-programmed (GMRS) UHF channels. Software re-programmable with the optional USB Programming Cable (not included). Note: The stock radio programming is minimally usable with only GMRS channels and odd PL tone settings… We can custom program the radio for you – see the Radio Programming Options above and Radio Programming Charts below!
Audio Output: 700 mW of loud-speaker output for noisy environments. It’s surprisingly loud and clear for a radio of this size!
Quiet Tones/Codes: 260 CTCSS/DCS “PL” tones or digital codes with split capability. Quiet/privacy tones/codes are re-programmable with the optional USB Programming Cable. Note: We can custom program the radio with standard/default PL tones – see the Radio Programming Charts below!
Special Features: Side-button features (with custom programming options) as follows: Mid button short press = Scan Mode, Mid button long press = Channel Lock, Low button short press = Battery Level, Low button long press = Monitor (momentarily opens squelch to hear weak signals). Power Save Mode set for 1:3 receive time (for even longer battery life). Timeout Timer set to 90 seconds Tx (to protect transmitter). See the Radio Programming Charts below for all settings!
Package Includes: Commercial-Grade 16-Channel Dual-Band radio (PC Programmable: VHF 5/2W 136-174MHzUHF 4/>1W 400-470MHz), lithium-ion batterydesk charger & AC power packdual-band flexible whip antennasturdy belt clip (with screws), wrist strap & English user manual.
Opt. Accessories: External Compact & Heavy Duty Speaker Mics, AAA Battery Case, Spare 1600 mAh Li-ion Battery, 12v Cig. Lighter Battery Eliminator, Hi-Gain 15″ Whip Antenna, 2.75″ Stubby Flexible Antenna, Ext. Covert or Over-Ear Earpiece, Radio Cloning Cable, USB Radio Programming Cable, Replacement Desk Charger, 6-Unit Multi-Charger, Replacement Belt Clip, HD Nylon Carry Case with Stainless Swivel Belt Clip, and many other non-TERA accessories that work great with this radio!
Certifications: FCC Part 95E & J Certified (FCC ID: 2ACK8TR505D) – This is very hard (if not impossible) to find for GMRS/MURS handhelds!
IP54 Dust & Water
(splash) Resistant IMPORTANT NOTE: This radio is only FCC type-accepted when programmed for transmitting on GMRS, OR MURS, OR HAM, at any given time (no two services at the same time).

Need Custom Programming or Consulting?

Utilize our BSR-PRG505 Custom Radio Programming or BSR-PCON Custom Radio Programming Consulting services with the (S) Stock version of this radio (or send us your existing radios) and we’ll handle the programming! You can also utilize our BSR-CLN Radio Programming Cloning service to clone your new or existing radio(s) along with any programming option.

Charts for Custom Radio Programming Options

TR-505-S Stock/Factory GMRS Channels View TR-505 Stock/Factory Programming Chart
BSR-PRG505 Custom Radio Programming – Anything You Want! View TR-505 Custom Programming OptionsDownload TR-505 Custom Programming XLSX Template ZIP
TR-505-MURS MURS, SAR, DHS, FEMA, ARC & NOAA WX View “MURS” Custom Programming Chart
TR-505-M MURS & NOAA WX View “M” Custom Programming Chart
TR-505-GMRS GM/FRS, GMRS & NOAA WX View “GMRS” Custom Programming Chart
TR-505-GRPT GMRS Simplex & Repeaters View “GRPT” Custom Programming Chart
TR-505-GTRV GMRS Simplex, Travel Repeater & NOAA WX View “GTRV” Custom Programming Chart
TR-505-LBCA5M Long Beach, CA – Neighborhood Safety MURS View “LBCA5M” Custom Programming Chart
TR-505-LBCA5G Long Beach, CA – Neighborhood Safety GMRS View “LBCA5G” Custom Programming Chart

Customer-Submitted Programming Charts (May Not be FCC Type-Accepted)

TR-505-GMAX GMRS, MURS & NOAA WX with VOX & PWR View “GMAX” Customer Programming Chart
TR-505-DBGM Dual-Band GMRS, MURS & NOAA WX View “DBGM” Customer Programming Chart
TR-505-GFRS GM/FRS, GMRS TRV & NOAA WX View “GFRS” Customer Programming Chart
TR-505-LBCA5 Long Beach, CA – Neighborhood Safety MURS & GMRS View “LBCA5” Customer Programming Chart

Manufacturer Custom Programming Software

TR-505 GMRS/MURS/HAM TR-505 Programmer
PL2303 Prolific USB Driver
(for PRG-50 cable)
PL2303 USB Driver

Note: The programming software is provided by the manufacturer as a courtesy and is not guaranteed to be available or updated in the future. Also available on the Powerwerx website.

IMPORTANT: By using this programming software, you are solely responsible for operating your radios in compliance with FCC licensing and regulations. We are not responsible for any harm or damages caused by the use or misuse of this software to or by your radios. We do not offer free consulting or support for the free programming software, but we can program your radios for you or provide paid consulting instead! Let us know if you have any questions before purchasing.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2.75 in

16, Programmable (with optional programming cable)


Rx: GMRS, MURS, Ham, WX, PS, LMR & More
Custom programmable for other VHF/UHF bands
Only Type-Accepted for use on GMRS, OR MURS, OR Ham, at any given time

Receive Frequency Coverage

VHF 136-174MHz
UHF 400-470MHz

Transmit Frequency Coverage

MURS Band VHF Tx 151-154MHz
GMRS Band UHF Tx 462-467MHz

Operating Modes

Single Receive VHF/UHF mixed on any channels


260 CTCSS/DCS “PL/Privacy” tones or digital codes with split capability

Frequency Stability


Receive Sensitivity

0.20µV (25kHz)
0.22µV (12.5kHz)

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

70dB @ 25kHz
60dB @ 12.5kHz

Intermod Rejection


Spurious Response Rejection



45dB @ 25kHz
40dB @ 12.5kHz

Audio Power Output

700mW, Built-In Loudspeaker
≤5% Distortion

RF Power Output

VHF High Power: 5W / Low Power: 2W
UHF High Power: 4W / Low Power: >1W
Only Type-Accepted when using 2W on MURS


FM (Frequency Modulation), ≤5% FM Distortion
WFM (Wide Band FM), 16kΦF3E, 25kHz
NFM (FM Narrow Band), 8kΦF3E, 12.5kHz
Narrowband-Compliant with 2.5kHz Tuning Steps

Max Deviation

WFM ≤5kHz
NFM ≤2.5kHz

Tx Spurious & Harmonics


Antenna Impedance


Battery Pack

1600mAh 7.4V Li-ion


DC 6.6V – 8.4V via Li-ion Battery Pack, AAA Battery Case or 12V Battery Eliminator

Radio Weight

Assembled Radio: 225g (7.94oz) with Stock Antenna & Li-ion Battery Pack

Radio Dimensions (HxWxD)

118x62x35mm with Stock Dual-Band Antenna

Operating Temperature


Dust & Water Protection

IP54 Dust & Water (splash) Resistant

FCC Certification

Part 95E & Part 95J Certified for GMRS or MURS
Narrowband-Compliant with 2.5kHz Tuning Steps
Only Type-Accepted for use on GMRS, OR MURS, OR Ham, at any given time


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty, Serviced in the USA by TERA/Powerwerx

Radio Programming Options

(S) Stock – Factory GMRS Channels, (MURS) MURS, SAR, DHS, FEMA, ARC & NOAA WX, (M) MURS & NOAA WX, (GMRS) GM/FRS, GMRS & NOAA WX, (GRPT) GMRS & GMRS Repeaters, (GTRV) GMRS, GMRS Travel Repeater & NOAA WX, (LBCA5M) MURS, NOAA WX & LB Scanner, (LBCA5G) GM/FRS, GMRS, NOAA WX & LB Scanner


  1. Easy To Use and Strong: Custom programming for dual band GMRS and MURS works well.
    Radio is solid, proven by kids dropping it down the stairs, and it came out without a scratch and still working fine.

  2. Good Radio For The Money: Reliable and clear. As stated in the auction do not expect 10 to 30 mile range. Very strong signal at 1/2 to 1 mile in hill country. Your terrain will affect your range.

  3. Excellent Radio: This transceiver is very clear whether transmitting or receiving. The range is short, about 3/4 of a mile, which is not bad considering I live in a part of the country that has quite a few hills and valleys. [BSR Note: Customer may have been operating on UHF (GMRS) instead of VHF (MURS), which would likely result in better range in his area. We have average reports of 1-5+ miles on these radios. As with all two-way radios, your range will depend on obstructions and operating conditions.]

  4. Great for Legal GMRS/MURS/HAM Use: If you want a legal GMRS/MURS/HAM radio, you can’t do better than this one, at least at this time.

    This radio is FCC certified for use on both GMRS (but not FRS-only channels) and MURS, so you can operate unlicensed on MURS, which is much less crowded than the FRS/GMRS channels. MURS also operates on VHF frequencies which tend to penetrate outdoors better than UHF (GMRS).

    Personally, I use a combination of MURS (Ch 1-5), GMRS (Ch 6-10), Ham (11-15) and NOAA WX (16) similar to the custom programming available from this vendor.

    The IP54 rating makes it an ideal hiking radio where friends and family can use the MURS channels without a license. To talk to others using the more common GMRS, just switch channels. Finally, if you are a ham operator, you can program in local repeaters to give you wider coverage. I include a couple of 4W/5W 440/2M simplex channels as well.

    A very versatile radio for the money and it seems to be well built, have a good receiver, and be easy to operate for non-technical people.

  5. Overall Great Radios: I programmed these radios for MURS, with monitoring on selected NOAA and Marine channels. I plan to use them mainly for hiking and four-wheeling. I have been looking for programmable, handheld MURS-certified radios with removable antennas for a couple of years, so I was very glad to finally find these. The GMRS capabilities were a very pleasant bonus.

    The programming software was easier to use than I expected, but the software help file and the user manual are poorly translated into English. However, with a little tinkering, I was able to figure everything out. The programming charts from bettersaferadio.com were extremely helpful in choosing the programming that works best for me. The great part about the software is that you can save the programming files and just upload whatever profile you want to the radio without going through all the details every single time.

    Using MURS, I got ~2 miles of range with moderate line-of-sight barriers in a suburban area using the stock antenna on high power, which is more range than I expected.

    Using the ANTMAG at home and a MURS45 antenna from Firestik on my Jeep, I was able to get ~4.5 miles on low power, again with moderate line-of-sight barriers, including some significant hills. Not ideal terrain for radio, but it is a real-world scenario. This is ~1.5 mile more range than I get on the CB radio in my Jeep using a similar length antenna over the exact same terrain. I think the VHF/MURS signal gets through power-line obstructions much better than HF/CB signals. I have power lines in front of my house and I can’t use CB there, but the MURS radio worked great.

    The speaker on the radio is quite loud; most of the time I keep the volume turned down as low as possible.

    When I plug headphones directly into the radio, I can hear a clicking sound when the Rx power save feature is enabled. I think this is due to the Rx circuit cycling on and off to save power because the interval between the clicks is a function of the power save ratio selected. The clicking is only heard through headphones directly attached to the radio, and not through the radio speaker, the speaker-mic, or headphones plugged into the speaker-mic. I plan to simply disable Rx power saving whenever I plan to use headphones without the speaker-mic.

    Overall great radios. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  6. KUDOS TO BSR!: I recently purchased and received SHTF Programmed Radios [TR-590-SHTF & TR-505-D], quickly and perfectly packed and programmed. I was greatly pleased with the Manuals and quality of the Radios. Superb and gives Motorola a “Run-for-its-money,” commercial grade (I’ve used them before). Also purchased the extended ‘whip’ antennas and they were of high quality. Mark at BSR spent a lot of time counseling me prior to the sale…a courteous personal touch. I always will do my business with BSR in the future……great service and good products.

    WQYZ571 (Dave)

  7. Happy Owners Of Two TERA TR-505 Radios: I knew almost nothing about two-way radios when I decided to get a pair for myself and my wife for hiking. I still had questions after visiting several information sites and was overwhelmed with information and reviews (many negative) for low-end Motorola, BaoFeng and Midland radios. I was lucky to finally find the BetterSafeRadio site. Mark has been responsive and friendly and has answered all of my questions patiently and thoroughly, even after sale. Being able to buy units preprogrammed for our needs was a huge bonus, especially being completely new to this. We are now the happy owners of two TERA TR-505 radios in the GMAX configuration (and an FCC GMRS license).

  8. Great Radio: I have used these radios (TERA TR-505) for over a year now. Easy to use – just choose a channel and press to talk. The audible channel voice [voice announce] is an asset. In the city, I get just over 1/2 mile with clear voice communication. My company uses these radios for the purpose of rolling surveillance so it is important to have clear communication. Out of the immediate city, I get approximately 1.5 miles of clear communication. For the price and efficiency, I know of no other radio that performs like these radios.

  9. Excellent Radio: Feels durable and well made and arrived fully charged. I tested low power MURS to both low and high power GMRS and found MURS to work better overall for my use. With thick trees and large rock piles low power MURS reliably will get out 1/2 mile. Beyond that is a little spotty but finding a little extra elevation helps a lot. In comparison a handheld 4-watt CB (which is a brick) with stock antenna gets 350 feet range and doubles to 700 feet with a 28″ whip antenna in the same area. Mark was great and got the radio shipped out the same day.

  10. I highly recommend BetterSafeRadio: Just purchased two Tera TR-505 radios. Mark was excellent in explaining everything and answered every email with a detailed and thorough answer. The equipment was shipped fast and I highly recommend BetterSafeRadio as your source for portable [two-way radio] communications. Thanks again to Mark!

  11. Still Love The Radios! [after 1.5 years]: Just received the TERA TR-505s and put them to a quick test. With the short antennas attached I walked half a mile from our house and was in a thick pine forest and the reception was remarkable. Just a little background static, however, speech was clear and easily received. I then attached the 15” [high-gain whip] antennas and my wife drove away. At 2.5 miles away over rolling terrain and in the forest we still got almost no background static and reception was fantastic! I’m truly amazed! We have never had radios that performed anywhere near this! I’m excited to see how they work when we’re riding our dirt bikes.

  12. Recommended: Nice radio, lots of options, easy to program (with a cable, not included) and customer service was excellent. I’ve already recommended these from BSR.

  13. Outstanding: By far the best GMRS radio I have ever bought and used. Upon unpacking I was immediately able to hit a repeater tower 25 miles away and talk to a policeman buddy who was 40 miles away from me. But the astonishing thing about that is I was sitting in my concrete basement and using the stock antenna! I was completely blown away.

    These are attractive radios and feel great in the hand. Build quality is very good indeed – far better than the bubblepack units sold in stores. Audio quality is 10/10. Mark programmed the radio to GMRS and GMRS repeaters for just $10. What fantastic service. I recommend the Tera TR-505 and bettersaferadio.com without reservation.

  14. Great Experience: I just bought and received my second TERA TR-505. I now have just finished programming to the same frequencies as the first. With the PRG-50 cable I was pleased with how easy the programming was. Battery life seems great and changing the side key functions is awesome! I have so far only done minimal testing but am pleasantly surprised at this point how nice these radios are – No more Bubble packs in my future. Both transmit and receive I have had no issues. I have them programmed for multi-use, including GMRS/FRS, GMRS, NOAA, and local receive-only emergency channels. I plan on upgrading the antennas, which these seems fine but want to see how much more I can achieve by the upgrade. Software provided by download worked great and BetterSafeRadio’s shipping was amazingly fast. Great experience and I am a happy customer and see a couple more in my future.

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