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BSR Ham Radio Black Friday SALE – Save Even More On All Gear!

BetterSafeRadio Black Friday 2020 Sale Promo Image

It’s that time again…

Our Best Ham Radio Black Friday Deals Of The Year!

Before you stuff your gut or after you eat the entire table, stuff your stockings & bug-out bags with new two-way radio gear.

Save Even MORE on most Two-Way Radio Gear over our already industry-best pricing.

BSR Black Friday SALE 2020 • November 25–30

BetterSafeRadio Black Friday 2020 Sale Promo Image

Pre-programmed with the frequencies you need for SHTF prepping, emergencies, survival, neighborhood safety, business, Public Safety, and recreational activities like camping, hunting and hiking, our rugged personal, commercial and ham handheld two-way radios will provide years of at-the-ready service, whenever you need it. Includes our ReadySafeGo service!

Save on all brands: Wouxun, Ailunce, Retevis, QuanSheng & More.

Save on the best radios: KG-UV9P, KG-UV9D(Plus), KG-UV7D, KG-UV7H-220, KG-UVA1-V2, KG-UVA1-V2-220, HD1, RT76P, RT76, RT47V, RT47, RT27V, RT27, UV-R50-CX & More.

Special Orders on other brands and radio models available – just email us and ask. Backorders honored as we may well sell out of several models. Est. BO delivery in 2-3 weeks.

No Coupon Required – Just Great Black Friday Ham Radio Deals on most products (including FRS, GMRS & LMR Business Band radios).

Shop Now!

Happy T-Day from!

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Introducing the QuanSheng UV-R50-CX Budget Amateur Ham Two-Way Radio

We’re happy to announce the release of the very affordable QuanSheng UV-R50-CX, a quality budget dual-band amateur/ham radio – Outperforms the Baofeng UV-5R and comes with camouflage styling & an extended-capacity 1800mAh Battery!

QuanSheng UV-R50-CX Amateur Ham Two-Way Radio
The QuanSheng UV-R50-CX Ham Radio


QuanSheng UV-R50-CX Amateur Ham Two-Way Radio - FlyerThe affordable QuanSheng UV-R50-CX provides budget EmComm emergency radio communications for amateurs/hams, SHTF preppers, survivalists, Neighborhood Watch, ARES, RACES & CERT groups to keep in touch when other methods of communication break down. This “CX” version offers a Dark Green Camouflage case style, the same performance as the standard/black version and the UV-R50-II (which is the same radio with a different case), and comes with the same Extended-Capacity 1800mAh Battery from the UV-R50-II model, for longer operating & standby times. As well, the CX battery offers Direct Charging (jack on side of battery) using the same power pack included for use with the charging cradle (also included). This reduces your weight and cargo volume when you’re traveling/packing, etc.

Key features include:

128 Channels • Programmable • VHF 5/1 Watts • UHF 4/1 Watts • Dual-Band • IP54 Splash Rated • Ext. 1800mAh Li-ion Battery • Direct Charging • Handheld • Analog FM • Part 15B FCC Certification • Part 97 Amateur/Ham • Wide 400-520MHz UHF Range • Dual-Watch • FM Broadcast Radio Rx • Tri-Color LCD • Keypad • 2 Programmable Side-Keys • 2.5kHz Tuning Steps • Backlit Keypad, Flashlight & Emergency Flasher • Antenna, Wrist Strap, Belt Clip, English Manual

Tx Range (MHz): 136-174 VHF • 400-520 UHF – Tx Locked to Ham
Rx Range (MHz): 65-108 FM Broadcast Radio • 136-174 FM VHF • 400-520 FM UHF

ReadySafeGo™ custom pre-programmed for SHTF* with all 128 channels! – Ships with Tx locked to Ham bands for Part 97 compliance. User programmable with free downloadable software.*

Only $39! – *See the QuanSheng UV-R50-CX product page for more details!

Note: Initial supply is limited, so get in line now – backorders accepted.

Cheers and Be Safe!