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You Deserve a BetterSafeRadio SALE!

The Black Friday Cyber Monday You Deserve a BetterSafeRadio SALE promo image.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2023

Save an Extra $2–10 on Wouxun superheterodyne HAM, LMR & GMRS Two-Way Radios & Accessories.

I just reduced prices across the board for November, but let’s do more!

KG-UV9PX HAMFlagship HAM SHTF Prepper EDC$10 More OFF
KG-UV9GX GMRSFlagship GMRS SHTF Prepper EDC$10 More OFF
KG-UV9G PRO GMRSOriginal PRO GMRS Two-Way$10 More OFF
KG-UV9D Plus+ HAMThe Original 9D Plus, Now Even Plus-er!$10 More OFF
KG-UV7D LMR or HAMPart 90 Business or HAM Superhet$2 More OFF
KG-916 GMRSQuality UHF Superhet GMRS$10 More OFF
KG-UVA1-V2 LMR or HAMPart 90 Business or HAM Superhet$4 More OFF

BLO-009 – 2600 mAh Li-ion for KG-916, UV8D Plus, UV8E – Only $24
BLO-010 – 2000 mAh Li-ion for ALL UV9-Series HAM & GMRS – Only $20
BLO-012 – 3200 mAh Li-ion for ALL UV9-Series HAM & GMRS – Only $25
BLO-033 – 2200 mAh USB-C Li-ion for ALL UV9-Series HTs – Only $27

RPS-KGUV9G – RT Sys. Prog. Software/Cable for UV9GX/G PRO – Only $43
RPS-KGUV9P – RT Sys. Prog. Software/Cable for UV9PX/P – Only $43
RPS-KGUV9D – RT Sys. Prog. Software/Cable for UV9D++/D+/Mate – Only $43
RPS-KGUV7D – RT Sys. Prog. Software/Cable for UV7D – Only $35
RPS-KGUV6 – RT Sys. Prog. Software/Cable for UV6-Series – Only $35

NCO-002 – Nylon Window HT Case for UV9-Series w/Belt Clip – Only $19
Most Original Tuned Smiley Antennas – $1 More OFF

Other Surprise Accessory Discounts – Visit Often!

On Sale Nov 23rd (3pm PT) to Nov 28th (12am PT) Only!
– No Coupon Code Required for this BetterSafeRadio SALE –

When the SHTF, BetterSafeRadio than Sorry!™

>> Now is the time to Get Prepared!

The Black Friday Cyber Monday You Deserve a BetterSafeRadio SALE promo image.

These high-end radios are pre-programmed with the frequencies you need for SHTF prepping, emergencies, survival, neighborhood safety, business, CERT, special events, and recreational activities like camping, overlanding, AMSAT, hunting and hiking. Our rugged LMR, GMRS and Amateur Radio handhelds & accessories will provide years of at-the-ready service, whenever you need it.

No Coupon Code Necessary – While Supplies Last.

Cheers from Mark (K6LED | WQXR567)!

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Meet the New Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner!

A close image of the front of the BSR Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner

Pre-Sale On Now!

Get $15 OFF the New Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner as the first batch of radios are being produced!

Image showing BetterSafeRadio Wouxun KG-UV9G FCC ID Part 95E & 15B Certification

After a long battle to get all of the power and features we wanted, we’ve finally passed the FCC Certification process (ID: WVTWOUXUN19) last week and are starting to ramp up production of this amazing new GMRS radio, available exclusively at BetterSafeRadio. With an expected ship date of the end of March 2021, you can now backorder this killer radio and save your spot in line. But don’t wait too long as the pre-orders are racking up quickly (I’m actually overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and response so far) and it will take some time to prepare and process all of these orders, to be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis.

Use Coupon Code “UV9GLAUNCH”

The product page has all of the juicy details on the new radio and the list of features is stunning! Check it out now, but here’s a little taste:

BSR Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner - Flyer

Finally, if you’re an influencer or manager of a club or other group, or just a radio enthusiast that loves turning other people on to great gear at great prices, then check out the new BetterSafeRadio Affiliate Program, were you can earn a commission on all referred sales (via affiliate links or coupon codes tied to your account). It’s free, and the compensation terms are, let’s just say, way better than Amazon. 😉 Interest in GMRS is booming right now and I’d love to partner with you, especially on this UV9G launch!

Cheers and Be Safe!

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Finally, A Pro GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner That Delivers Peace of Mind!

BSR Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO GMRS Two-Way Radio - Box Contents

I’m pleased to announce the impending release of a new pro-grade GMRS two-way radio, co-designed by Mark Lindsey and which will be sold exclusively by BetterSafeRadio, the new:

Wouxun KG-UV9G Pro GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner

Everything you love about the 9D(Plus) & 9P, now for GMRS use!

The front view of the BSR Wouxun KG-UV9G Pro GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner

BSR Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO GMRS Two-Way Radio & SHTF Scanner - Flyer

The first release in the new BetterSafeRadio PRS-GO! radio line…

The BSR-exclusive Wouxun KG-UV9G is a 999 channel programmable dual-band handheld analog superheterodyne FM GMRS two-way radio transceiver with wide 7-band receive range, TDR (true dual receive), repeater capability, and pro features, ideal for families, scouts, SHTF preppers, survivalists, business, or EmComm emergency communication groups.

Finally, a pro GMRS two-way radio & SHTF scanner that delivers peace of mind with the advanced features you need!

It has 2.5kHz tuning steps and comes custom pre-programmed with 880 channels for GMRS + SHTF* (ships with Tx locked to GMRS band for Part 95E compliance), for dual-use GMRS transceiver & analog FM scanner operation. User programmable with free downloadable Wouxun programmer or optional advanced software programming & USB cable kit (by RT Systems).

This is the GMRS Two-Way Radio you will EDC (Every Day Carry) or Bug-Out with!

With a full legal 5.5 Watts of power (on UHF) and a talk-around range of 2 to 7+ miles (many more when used with GMRS repeaters or at higher elevations), the KG-UV9G provides reliable recreational or emergency radio communications for personal disaster preparedness, family outings, scouting, prepping, survival, business operations, Neighborhood Watch, REACT, CERT, Guardian Angels & EARS groups to keep in touch when other methods of communication break down. IP55 rated and Part 95E FCC (certification pending). The UV9G is custom power calibrated for GMRS simplex & repeater use and transmits on all 30 GMRS frequencies. Even the antenna is tuned for the GMRS center (465MHz).

In addition, the UV9G features simultaneous dual-receiver scanning, 10 scanning groups, and improved “scan-advance” functionality over previous 9-Series models, turning the KG-UV9G into a powerful portable GMRS two way radio communications device & SHTF scanner, especially with its advanced features, high-quality performance, wide 7-band receive range, and full host of accessories (available separately).
If you like the clarity and reliability of the Wouxun KG-805G, 905G, or 935G, then you’ll love the massively upgraded functionality and features on the 9G for normal everyday GMRS use, as well as for emergency EmComm and SHTF uses. We’ll also be releasing a line of replacement radios for the 805G with an IP67 case for more reliable outdoor all-weather uses. 
Check out the KG-UV9G & Get On The Waitlist Now to save with a special introductory offer!

Here are the key features of the new radio – almost too many to list:

999 Channels • Analog FM UHF GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) Two-Way Transceiver • Pre-Programmed for GMRS + SHTF (876 Channels, User Programmable) • Tri-Power 5.5/5/0.5 Watts • Two Dual-Band Double-Conversion Superheterodyne TDR (True Dual Receive) Receivers • IP55 Water Jets Rated • Extended-Capacity 3200 mAh (23.68 Wh) Li-ion Battery • Part 95E & 15B FCC (WVTWOUXUN19) • Simplex & Repeater Capable • Wide 7-Band Receive Range with AM AIR Band & Broadcast FM Radio (w/ 20 Memories) • Dual-PTTDual Simultaneous Scanning (3 Modes, 10 Scan Groups, Priority Scan, Dual-Watch & Single-Receive Modes, Mutable Sub-Receiver & New Scan-Advance Feature) • Memory & VFO Modes (Tx locked to GMRS frequencies) • Wide & Narrow Bandwidth • DTMF Keypad • Repeater Reverse & Talk-Around Functions • 50 CTCSS PL Tones & 105 DCS Privacy Codes (Independently Front-Panel Programmable) • CTCSS/DCS ScanningColor Screen • Dual Signal Indicator LEDs (customizable) • Full Keypad (w/ Auto-Lock) • 3 Programmable Function Side-Keys2.5 kHz Tuning Steps • FlashlightStopwatch • Battery Saver • Time-Out-Timer (w/ variable warning beep) • 8-Character Alpha Channel Names • Voice Announce (English or Chinese) & Key Beeps (optional) • 10 Squelch Levels • Functional Emergency RESET w/ Usable Default Channels & Repeaters • BCL, VOX, SideTones, DTMF & ANI PTT-ID • 8″ High-Gain Dual-Band GMRS-Tuned Antenna (removable) • Wrist Strap • Belt Clip • English Manual (full rewrite coming soon) • Full Line of Accessories

Tx Range (MHz): 30 GMRS Frequencies 462.550-467.725 UHF
Rx Range (MHz): 76-108 FM Broadcast Radio • 108-136 AM AIR • 136-180 FM/AM VHF • 230-250 FM/AM VHF • 350-400 FM/AM UHF • 400-512 FM/AM UHF • 700-985 FM/AM UHF

ReadySafeGo™ custom pre-programmed for GMRS + SHTF* with 876 channels! (see PDF chart above) – Tx locked to GMRS frequencies for Part 95E compliance. User programmable with free factory software (downloadable above – requires USB cable) or an advanced software & cable kit.*

The new Wouxun KG-UV9G is a firmware modified version of the Wouxun KG-UV9P, co-designed by Mark Lindsey will be sold exclusively by BetterSafeRadio. The UV9P is an upgraded, high-power version of the revered and trusted Wouxun KG-UV9D Plus, known for their quality double-conversion superheterodyne receivers, performance & features. The 9G GMRS is functionally similar to the UV9P Amateur/Ham radio, with a few modified features that are restricted or prohibited for GMRS, such as the cross-band repeater and power levels.

If you like the clarity and reliability of the Wouxun KG-805G and KG-905G, then you’ll love the massively upgraded functionality and features on the UV9G for normal everyday GMRS use, as well as for emergency EmComm and SHTF uses. We’ll also be releasing a replacement for the 905G with an IP67 submersible case for even more reliable outdoor all-weather uses in the near future (join the email QST to be notified when it comes out). 

The Wouxun KG-UV9G works fine (unofficially) with the RT Systems UV9D Advanced Programming Software & Cable Kit or the new free Wouxun factory software, (downloadable on the product page – requires optional Wouxun “Red” USB cable), and the 9G will accept any program from the UV9D Plus or 9P (but with Tx locked to GMRS). The optional slimmer 2000 mAh battery pack from the original UV9D & UV9D Plus is also compatible with the UV9G for a lighter, more compact package. Check out all of the Wouxun 9-Series Accessories, which are all interchangeable.

Note: Transmitting on the GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) requires a license (currently $70 for 10 years and good for your entire immediate family – typically takes only a couple days to obtain online from the FCC). NEWS FLASH: The FCC has agreed to lower the GMRS license fee to $35, expected in the next month or so. More details to come.

Appearance, features & specifications for the production version of the KG-UV9G may vary slightly with these pre-release details. While we don’t expect anything to change, before shipping occurs, the final production version details will be updated on this page. You will be notified by email when this takes place and when ordering is available.

Cheers and Be Safe!

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Are you Ready For SHTF? The TR-590 Emergency Two-Way Radio Is!

TERA TR-590 Commercial Ham Two-Way Handheld Radio - Assembled Specs

TERA TR-590 Commercial Ham Two-Way Handheld Radio - Assembled SpecsFor some, it’s almost a conflict of conscience spending any time thinking about a SHTF (S#it Hits The Fan) situation, but borrowing from our slogan and the common intuition of careful thinkers everywhere, it’s always prudent to be “Better Safe Than Sorry!” To that end, we’re happy to introduce our latest custom pre-programmed radio offering, the TERA TR-590 emergency radio. It’s the ultimate survivalist prepper SHTF two-way radio!

Utilizing the same solid commercial-grade build quality and ease of use that has made the TERA TR-505 GMRS/MURS radio so popular for recreational and local safety/emergency use, the TR-590 makes for the perfect handheld in times of every day emergencies, natural disasters, civil unrest, or even U.S. elections! 

TERA TR-590 Commercial Ham Two-Way Radio - ContentsWith an IP54 Dust & Water (splash) Resistance rating, True Dual Receive, Front Panel Programming & VFO Mode, 3 Tx Power Levels, Scanning and everything else you would expect in a compact, affordable Part 90 commercial radio, this signature BSR ReadySafeGo™ offering comes charged, programmed and tested so you can use it right out of the box.

Some customers have programmed this radio for SHTF, packed with just about every emergency frequency you can think of that individual preppers, survivalists, businesses, government, public service agencies and organizations like CERT, Neighborhood Watch, ARES & RACES use during emergencies. While not “type-accepted” for some of these bands (as is the case with all prepper/SHTF radios), it has been used with all the standard VHF/UHF services, such as GMRS, FRS, MURS, LMR (land mobile/business), MMS (marine), WX (NOAA “All-Hazards” Weather), CAP (civil air patrol), HAM (amateur radio), PMR446 (UK/Euro FRS) and 20 FM Broadcast Radio Stations. The Part 90 TR-590 is only FCC certified for use on the LMR band.

Special Rx-only emergency service frequencies include FEMA, USCG, FIRE Inter-Department, LAW Intersystem, Urban S&R, VLAW, CALAW, USNG, USMIL, USICE, USFED Law, USG Civil Agencies, NIRS Cache, NIFC, USDOS, and the ISS (International Space Station Ham Downlink), adding a vast array of sources for information and intel to your BOB (bug-out bag). The customer-submitted TR-590-SHTF channel programming chart PDF can be downloaded on the TR-590 product page.

Don’t need all of these bands and just want the basic emergency frequencies or want something totally custom? We can custom radio programming for you!

TERA 500-Series Handheld Two-Way Radio AccessoriesThe TR-590 is compatible with all the great TERA 500-Series Accessories, including a battery case, nylon radio case, extra battery packs, 12V battery eliminator (cigarette lighter adapter), speaker mics, covert earpieces, external antennas and cloning/programming cables. As well, free programming (or advanced premium) software is available for access to internal settings not available in the front panel LCD/Keypad menu system.

Each radio comes with a lithium-ion batterydesk chargerdual-band flexible whip antennasturdy belt clip w/ screws, user manual & wrist strap.

The TR-590 also makes for a great Ham HT (handle-talkie), with advanced features like PL Tone Scanning, VFO Tuning, Repeater Offset, Keypad Lock, Single or Dual Receive and even Split-Band Channel programming. Narrow-Band compliance is also provided for commercial and public service Land Mobile users, and a handy built-in flashlight (with optional flashing alarm mode) comes standard.

When you’re ready to get serious about EmComm (emergency communications) and move up from the unreliable throw-away blister-pack GMRS/FRS radios you find at the superstore, and the Chinese budget Baofeng radios that have a lower build-quality, less reliability and are known to emit spurious radiation that can disrupt adjacent services and draw unnecessary attention to your radio operations, make the investment your conscience deserves by picking up a TR-590 today! – Only available at

Check out the TR-590 and be prepared!