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The BetterSafeRadio TERA TR-505-MURS is Now on Amazon!

BetterSafeRadio TR-505-MURS on Amazon

NOTE: We’ve discontinued working with TERA/Powerwerx due to poor QC and a lack of dealer support. We do still have a handful of TERA accessories available though and still offer custom programming for the TR-500-Series radios.

Many buyers prefer the simplicity of ordering on, so we’ve decided to start offering our pre-programmed radios there, starting with the TERA TR-505-MURS, our latest FCC Compliant MURS two-way radio configuration… and you’ll like the price!

BetterSafeRadio TR-505-MURS on Amazon

This MURS radio configuration is only available from BetterSafeRadio on Amazon. Feel free to “ask  the seller” any questions, and let us know what you think.

Be Safe!