Smiley Antenna Super Stick 465MHz GMRS & NOAA SMA-M

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This Smiley Antenna Super Stick GMRS 465MHz & NOAA antenna SMA-Male will make your radio turn circles around the rest!

Only 6 left in stock (can be backordered)


This Smiley Antenna Super Stick GMRS 465MHz & NOAA antenna will make your radio turn circles around the rest!

Has a telescoping 4.5–17.25″ radiating element and .5″ SMA-Male connector base (5–17.75″ assembled length). The super efficient synthetic-rubber dipped NT-MIL cover and flex coil matching network with 50 W power handling and 50 Ohm impedance insure durability, high performance, and wide compatibility. A great match for the exclusive BSR Wouxun KG-UV9GX & KG-UV9G PRO GMRS SHTF prepper radios!

This super efficient Omni-directional UHF antenna is usable in 2 positions: Fully extended as a 5/8 wave with 9 dBd of gain, or a true 1/4 wave with 6 dBd gain when fully collapsed.

Works with Wouxun, TYT, Retevis, TERA & most other radios with an SMA-Female antenna connector. An additional rubber washer or #8 O-Ring and nylon flat-washer (not included) is recommended for some radios to retain water-resistance (contact me if you would like to see an image of what that looks like).

The screw-on TA connector base is removable and can be swapped for an SMA-Female or BNC connector base (available separately) to use the antenna with other radios.

Includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, but this proven performer will last many years when handled with care. Works great as a UHF-High Police, Fire, EMS, S&R, LMR, Commercial, and Business scanner antenna, and does well on VHF also!

Smiley Antenna SKU: 46516AMade in USA!

Check out the SMA-Female version here.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 1 × 1 in

4.5 inches collapsed, flex-coil & radiating element
17.25 inches extended, flex-coil & radiating element
5–17.75 inches, including SMA-M connector

Antenna Type

Semi-Flexible Base-Loaded Coil with Telescoping Radiator
Flex Coil Matching Network

Connector Type

SMA-Male, removable/replaceable System One TA Base

Band Compatibility

GMRS, Commercial LMR, Public Safety
Great VHF Rx for NOAA WX


UHF: 460-470MHz
Will receive much wider.


6–9dBd Gain (over dipole)
50 Ohms Impedance
50 Watts max power input


Helical Elements Construction
– Exterior exclusive NT-mil covering
– Dipped in synthetic rubber to provide a weather seal & webb coil, preventing distortion
– Telescopic section & Highly efficient copper-plated helical wound hardened steel wire
– Flow-soldered nickel-plated brass base

Radio Compatibility

Retevis RT76P, RT76, RT87
TERA TR-7400
Most two-way radios or scanners that have an SMA Female antenna connector.
(washer recommended on some radios for waterproofing and stability)


Black Flex Coil, Silver TA Base


30-Day Return if in perfect, re-sellable condition
1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty (from defects in material and workmanship)

3 reviews for Smiley Antenna Super Stick 465MHz GMRS & NOAA SMA-M

  1. WRYG738 Cyborg

    I get much more fars with it:

    This antenna is superior to even the Diamond MR77 mag mount antenna! I get much more fars with it. I can receive 140± miles and talk 50± miles with it. Which I do on a regular basis. From Tazewell, TN to Blount Mountain, TN in Sevier, TN. My signal may be weak by the time it gets there, but I reach the repeater which is all that matters. Something not even possible with the MR77, which can’t talk 15± miles to Maynardville, TN.

  2. tsavage64

    Really happy with this antenna:
    I ordered this early for the UV9GX. I have cheap radios too. I have a radioddity GMR-30, 5-watt, I threw this on and it was picking up a ton more signals. It was also more clear.
    Compared to the Nagoya NA- 771R, this kills it. Night and day difference I am ordering and SMA-Female version for my other Wouxun. I wanted something collapsible because I carry it in the truck.
    Lastly, Nagoya is notorious for counterfeits. I checked and made sure it’s legit. But getting a smiley from BetterSafeRadio you don’t have to worry about that at all, and you’re supporting a local company and not a huge corporation.

  3. KDub

    Real Happy With it:

    I’ve recently tested this on a KG-UV9G with a repeater immediately on the other side of a major metropolitan area exactly 50 miles away. I compared it to the Smiley Slim Duck.

    With this antenna extended to the full 5/8 wave length, the clarity and signal strength was at least equal to the Slim Duck. When I then collapsed it to the 1/4 wave length there was a very significant improvement (+1 bars and solid (or “1 more far” lol)) on both RX and TX strength as well as improved clarity. The elevation difference between me and the repeater was totally negligible but still being able to deform the pattern of the RF “donut” this way yielded a great result at distance here and in a couple other locations. This method can be useful when there are significant elevation and/or clutter differences between you and other radios and stations. It’s trial and error much of the time but it works!

    Fully collapsed to 1/4 wave length it’s nice and compact and yes it still works and TX and RX just great that way too. You may not notice a difference at all, you may notice a small difference, YMMV.

    I understand some people’s apprehension to telescopic antennas and their fragility under heavy use (sitting on it) but this one has a well made flexible base that should mitigate that somewhat. I don’t think I’m going to have any breakage problems with it but, worst case scenario, I’ll simply switch back over to my other favorite Smiley Slim Duck antenna.

    I’m back to really liking the adjustability of telescopic antennas with this one so I’m keeping it permanently attached to this radio.

    Good quality product. Real happy with it.

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