Smiley Antenna Super Stick 465MHz GMRS & NOAA+ SMA-F

Smiley Antenna Super Stick 465MHz GMRS & NOAA+ SMA-F

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Increase your handheld’s UHF performance with this highly tuned telescopic Smiley Antenna Super Stick IV GMRS antenna.

Specifically tuned for GMRS, Public Safety & Commercial LMR uses. A true 1/4 Wave when collapsed and 5/8 Wave when extended with 6–9 dBd gain at 460-470 MHz, make this a must-have accessory for your GMRS two-way radio or SHTF scanner. Has great VHF NOAA NWS All-Hazards Weather Station Rx also.

A great match for the exclusive line of BSR Wouxun GMRS radios!

Works with Wouxun, AnyTone, BTECH, TERA & most other radios with an SMA-Male antenna connector.

– Made in USA!

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This Smiley Antenna Super Stick IV 465MHz GMRS & NOAA+ Antenna will make your GMRS turn circles around the rest!

Has a telescoping 4.5–17.25″ radiating element and .5″ SMA-Female connector base (5–17.75″ assembled length). The super efficient synthetic-rubber dipped NT-MIL cover and flex coil matching network with 50 W power handling and 50 Ohm impedance insure durability, high performance, and wide compatibility. A great match for the exclusive line of BSR Wouxun GMRS radios!

This super efficient Omni-directional UHF antenna is usable in 2 positions: Fully extended as a 5/8 wave with 9 dBd of gain, or a true 1/4 wave with 6 dBd gain when fully collapsed.

Works with Wouxun, AnyTone, BTECH, TERA & most other radios with an SMA-Male antenna connector. A rubber washer is included for some radios with taller SMA threads, for stability. An additional rubber washer or #8 O-Ring and nylon flat-washer (not included) is recommended for some radios to retain water-resistance (contact me if you would like to see what that looks like).

The screw-on TA connector base is removable and can be swapped for an SMA-Male or BNC connector base (available separately) to use the antenna with other radios.

Includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, but this proven performer will last many years when handled with care. Works great as a UHF-High Police, Fire, EMS, S&R, LMR, Commercial, and Business scanner antenna, and does well on VHF also!

Smiley Antenna SKU: 46516BMade in USA!

Check out the SMA-Male version here.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 1 × 1 in

4.5 inches collapsed, flex-coil & radiating element
17.25 inches extended, flex-coil & radiating element
5–17.75 inches, including SMA-M connector

Antenna Type

Semi-Flexible Base-Loaded Coil with Telescoping Radiator
Flex Coil Matching Network

Connector Type

SMA-Female, removable/replaceable System One TA Base

Band Compatibility

GMRS, Commercial LMR, Public Safety
Great VHF Rx for NOAA WX


UHF: 460-470MHz
Will receive much wider.


6–9dBd Gain (over dipole)
50 Ohms Impedance
50 Watts max power input


Helical Elements Construction
– Exterior exclusive NT-mil covering
– Dipped in synthetic rubber to provide a weather seal & webb coil, preventing distortion
– Telescopic section & Highly efficient copper-plated helical wound hardened steel wire
– Flow-soldered nickel-plated brass base

Radio Compatibility

BSR Wouxun KG-916 GMRS
Wouxun KG-805G, KG-905G, KG-935G
AnyTone D868/D878
TERA TR-505, TR-500, TR-590
Most two-way radios or scanners that have an SMA Male antenna connector.


Black Flex Coil, Silver TA Base


30-Day Return if in perfect, re-sellable condition
1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty (from defects in material and workmanship)


  1. WOW!

    I got one of these Smiley antennas, initially for the KG-UV9G PRO I’m in line to get one day. I tried it on my Baofeng UV-9G (with a gender bender) and that IS one highly tuned antenna. SWR was 1.01. The factory antenna was 1.72! Going to try your replaceable end bits [Smiley TA Base Connector] to get a cleaner install but wanted you to know that your words ring clear as a bell, it is indeed “Highly Tuned.” Liked it so much I went and got two more!

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