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Save 10% And Help Support Small Business

Save 10% And Help Support Small Business
April 17, 2020 BetterSafeRadio

Want to save 10%* and support my VERY small personalized radio business that’s helping people stay connected now and for future emergencies or disasters?

>>> https://pay.kabbagepayments.com/$/BSR/gift

Lock in the 10% savings now and redeem when we release the remainder of our new radio line in the coming weeks/months (including new SHTF HAM, GMRS, FRS & LMR Business radios).

Purchase a BetterSafeRadio.com Gift Card now (through Kabbage Payments) and redeem it at a later date. No expiration. ($15-500 each card, limit $2000/day per customer.)

*Purchase $150 or more (per card) and I’ll also send you a 10% off Coupon Code!** (ex. Purchase a $150 Gift Card and then redeem $165 using the Coupon Code.)

Your Gift Card purchase will help BSR to stay afloat during this trying COVID-19 outbreak and ensure that I can continue to deliver the best emergency two-way radio gear and most personalized consulting & programming services available.

Contact Me if you have any questions.

Thanks and Be Safe!!!

**Please allow 1-3 days for issuance of Coupon Codes after purchasing Gift Card.

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