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The New BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Travel Kit #2 – GMRS, MURS & WX In Your Vehicle or On Your Hip!

The New BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Travel Kit #2 – GMRS, MURS & WX In Your Vehicle or On Your Hip!
March 31, 2017 Mark Lindsey

BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio KitsHitting the road but would feel safer if you had an emergency radio kit? Our latest BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit #2 is the solution!

With all the channels you might need while traveling on the road or for recreational activities like camping, hiking, hunting or just walking around town, our BSRKIT-02 has you covered in the car, truckRV or Big Rig (ditch the CB and go FM), and when it’s time to venture out, you can grab your portable handheld radio and go wherever the day takes you, without being disconnected from your base-camp or other members of your group or convoy.

TERA TR-505 GMRS-MURS Two-Way Radio - ContentsThis emergency radio kit includes our rugged, commercial-grade TERA TR-505-GMAX dual-band radio that comes with our latest programming option (other programming options available), including a variety of the most useful GMRS* (UHF) & MURS (VHF) channels, and a NOAA WX weather channel (WX-1, the most popular station). Here’s the line-up (also see the programming chart below):

  • All 7 of the shared GMRS/FRS “interstitial” simplex channels.
  • The 2 GMRS-only Emergency and Emergency/Travel simplex channels (600 & 675).
  • The GMRS-only Emergency/Travel channel (675) setup for repeater use with the standard PL (141.3).
  • All 5 of the unlicensed MURS (VHF) channels, which can be used for personal OR business communications.
  • The most popular NOAA, NWS (National Weather Service) WX-1 “All Hazards Radio” station, for weather and emergency information 24/7.
  • Access to Scan Mode, Channel Lock, VOX Mode, and Tx Power** are programmed on the 2 side buttons.

BSR TIP: You can also use any Motorola M1 (2-pin analog connector) headset or throat mic that has a PTT/VOX switch with the VOX Mode enabled, for a hands-free option while driving or hiking, etc. We do not currently offer this accessory, but hope to soon!

TERA BTE-50 12V Battery Eliminator Cigarette Lighter PlugFor continual use on high power in your vehicle without worrying about your battery level, we’ve also included our BTE-50 12 Volt Battery Eliminator Accessory/Lighter Plug in the travel kit. This handy adapter replaces the Li-ion battery pack and the coiled cord still allows you to use the radio by hand, when not using an external antenna. For emergency or SHTP prepper situations, this comes in handy because after people have looted and scavenged all of the alkaline batteries, you’ll still be able to find a car with some battery charge left, and can plug in to use your radio.

TERA SPMHD-50 Heavy Duty Speaker MicrophoneWe’re also including our SPMHD-50 heavy-duty speaker microphone, which will allow you to communicate with the radio either in a cup holder, clipped to a sturdy visor, or mounted in a cell phone or radio holder/case. As well, during portable use with the radio on your belt (note: you should only use low power when the radio is close to your body), the speaker mic allows you convenient access for monitoring and transmitting. The speaker mic, which features a kevlar-reinforced coiled cable and strong 360 degree swivel clip, can also clip to a visor or a mounted mic bracket, and also your lapel or shirt/jacket pocket when portable. This adds an extra level of convenience in the car, and portability to your handheld radio rig. Also, new driving distraction laws in some states now restrict handheld radio use, so using a speaker mic will help you stay under the radar, so to speak. 😉

Powerwerx ANTMAG 18%22 Magnetic Mount Dual-Band Mobile AntennaTo round out your mobile kit and greatly extend your operating range (in most cases), we’re including our ANTMAG 18″ Magnetic Mount Dual-Band Mobile Antenna, which can be installed or stowed in under a minute, and will work on just about any kind of vehicle with two included RF adapters and 12 feet of coax cable. The antenna offers 1.7 dBi gain on VHF and 4.15 dBi gain on UHF (read: more range!), and mounts on any ferromagnetic metal surface. No more “what did you say, you’re breaking up” while on the road with a group, and it will help you keep in contact with any portable radios in your group.

BetterSafeRadio - TERA TR-505-GMAX Programming Chart v01The combination of using the external antenna along with the speaker mic and battery eliminator, results in a mobile/portable hybrid radio rig that goes anywhere you want to go, yet provides optimal performance in both configurations. As with all of our kits and radios, this rig is ready to use right out of the box, as part of our ReadySafeGO! service where we fully charge, program and test your radio to make sure you never get a DOA unit, and can start communicating the minute you unbox your order. You also save another $10 off our already discounted prices when you purchase this kit.

BSR TIP: Add a nylon radio case to your kit to provide added protection and more portable options for your radio, a smaller stock antenna or our stubby antenna to cut down your portable profile, our high-gain portable antenna to extend your portable range, or a covert earpiece for more discreet portable operations.

This is what it means to feel Better Safe Than Sorry! 🙂

Check out the BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit #2 today and be travel-ready in just days.


*Note: Transmitting on GMRS requires a no-test license, which is currently available from the FCC for about $65, which covers your entire immediate family for 5 years. While many people don’t bother to obtain a license, we recommend that you do, especially if you want to access any repeaters for extended range.

**Note: The Tx Power toggle is meant for turning GMRS down to low power while communicating in close range of other units. MURS is limited to 2 Watts of power, but during an emergency, while technically not legal, you could use the toggle to output the full 5 Watts on VHF. Ultimately, you are responsible for how you choose to utilize the radio.

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