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The New BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit #1 – GMRS & MURS for Two!

The New BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit #1 – GMRS & MURS for Two!
July 10, 2016 Mark Lindsey

BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit #1As seasoned radio geeks, we sometimes take for granted that not everyone knows exactly what they need in a basic EmComm radio kit. But that’s why we’re here, to help you gear up with the best combination of hardware for your particular needs. To that end, we’re building a series of BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kits for users of all levels, from families building a basic emergency kit, to serious preppers & survivalists.

Many emergency kits on the market today only include an AM/FM radio receiver, which don’t get us wrong, is good to have, but it’s not going to let you communicate with anyone else, much less your family should you get separated or be apart when disaster strikes. If you’re lucky, your kit will include some blister-pack FRS/GMRS radios, which will work okay for a few blocks, but nowhere near the 7-30 miles that they often claim. These throw-away radio typically have a poor build quality and just aren’t to be relied on. And finally, they don’t have VHF MURS capability, which is what you really need for rural, outdoor communications from 1-7 miles or more, depending on conditions.

TERA TR-505 GMRS-MURS Two-Way Radio - ContentsOur first emergency radio kit includes a pair of solid, commercial-grade TERA TR-505 dual-band radios that come pre-programmed with GMRS (UHF), MURS (VHF), and a NOAA WX weather channel (the most popular one). The radios are also available with several other custom radio programming options.

Wouxun WXSTB-RV Dual-Band Mini Stubby Super Flex Rubber Duckie AntennaAs well, we toss in a couple stealthy, 3″ flexible stubby antennas. These guys are virtually indestructible and will help the radios fit in your pocket or stay on your belt without poking your side, as well as draw less attention.

TERA SPMHD-50 Heavy Duty Speaker MicrophoneWe’re also including two heavy-duty speaker microphones, which allow you to communicate with the radio on your belt (note: you should only use low power when the radio is close to your body). The speaker mic clips to your lapel or shirt/jacket pocket so you can conveniently listen and talk without having the radio volume cranked all the way up. This adds an extra level of portability to your handheld radio rig by removing the need to hold it in your hand. 😉

BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit 01 Radio Programming ChartsIn addition to being a simple way to order a complete portable communications rig that’s ready to use right out of the box, part of our ReadySafeGO! service where we fully charge and test your radios to make sure you never get a DOA unit and can start communicating the minute you unbox your order, you also save another $5 off our already discounted prices.

What’s not to love?

Check out the BSR Emergency Two-Way Radio Kit #1 today and be operational in just days.

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