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The Entire Site is Now Secure!

BSR Secured Area

For your protection (and ours), we’ve just completed moving our site to a new web host and have added SSL/TLS to the entire site.

BSR Secured AreaNow, everything you do from logging into your BSR account to placing an order or making a comment or review (hint hint – hehe), is encrypted from your browser to the site, with the latest security measures available.

This is something many companies wait on until they are big, but we’re not into gambling with your personal information, so we’ve committed to the expense now.

Granted, our payment gateway has always been secure (via PayPal), but now even the collection of your basic information is encrypted, for added safety.

PayPal CreditFinally, we’ve added the ability for you to take advantage of PayPal Credit (on approved credit) so you can buy gear now ($99 or more) and take up to 6 months, interest free, to pay. Check it out today and Be Safe!