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Celebrate Independence and Save 10% on All Emergency Two-Way Radios!

BetterSafeRadio TenFour 2018 Promo

What’s the next best thing to freedom?Saving 10% on all TERAWouxun & AnyTone Radios!

Celebrate American Independence by taking advantage of our very best deal on all emergency two-way radios.

BetterSafeRadio TenFour 2018 PromoFrom July 2nd to July 5th ONLY, get 10% off on all radios ($99 or more). Save on any of these radios:

TERA TR-505 16 Ch. GMRS/MURS/WX Part 95E & 95J Certified!

TERA TR-500 16 Ch. Commercial Part 90 & Ham!

TERA TR-590 199 Ch. Commercial Part 90 & Ham! – Public Safety & SHTF!

Wouxun KG-UV3D 128 Ch. Commercial Part 90 (grandfathered) & Ham!

Wouxun KG-UV9D (Plus) 999 Ch. Amateur/Ham Part 97 – The Ultimate Ham SHTF Radio!

AnyTone AT-D868UV DMR 4000 Ch. Commercial/Amateur/Ham Part 90 & Ham – The Best DMR Radio!

With pre-programmed versions, custom programming or consulting options and all the frequencies you need to stay safe, call for help or provide emergency assistance, these commercial-grade, full-power handheld two-way radios will provide years of at-the-ready service, whenever you need it.

Use Coupon Code: TenFour

Happy 4th from!

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