AnyTone AT-D868UV GPS DMR Dual-Band Handheld Commercial & Ham Two-Way Radio

AnyTone AT-D868UV GPS DMR Dual-Band Handheld Commercial & Ham Two-Way Radio

$178.99 $149.00

The advanced AnyTone AT-D868UV-GPS is a 4000 channel multi-use, dual-band, dual-receive hybrid analog/digital DMR FM Commercial & Ham handheld two-way radio which is ideal for public service, businesses, industry, S&R, CERT, ARES, RACES, SHTF preppers, survivalists or EmComm emergency communications with a usable range of VHF 136-174MHz & UHF 400-480MHz (narrowband-compliant with 2.5kHz tuning steps). Free firmware update available. Available for Backorder Now! AT-D878UV-GPS & D878UV-PLUS-GPS available on special order also! Email for details.

ReadySafeGo™ charged, tested & custom pre-programmed for SHTF with over 700 channels!See below for more details & custom programming chart!See below for all the details!

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NOTE: This is a new listing and all details & specs are preliminary (or placeholders). These are new radios identical to the same model shown elsewhere.


AnyTone AT-D868UV-GPS DMR Dual-Band Handheld Commercial & Ham Two-Way Radio

The D868UV-GPS provides reliable emergency radio communications for peppers, survivalists, Neighborhood Watch & CERT groups, businesses and Hams to keep in touch when other methods of communication break down, and includes high-end features such as a worldwide DMR-MARC Ham contact database (up to 150,000 contacts!), automatic DMR detection (analog and digital on the same channel), 6+ Watt high power output, true dual receivers (V+V, V+U, U+U), built-in GPS, color TVT display, 10, 000 DMR Talkgroups, 20 Zones with 250 Channels per zone, a high-capacity 3100 mAh (22.94 Wh) Li-ion battery, providing 35+ hours of operation between charges, and much more! Available for Backorder Now (4-7 days to ship)! AT-D878UV-GPS & D878UV-PLUS-GPS available on special order also! Email for details.

NOTE: This is a new listing and all details & specs are preliminary (or placeholders), so stay tuned for more details and specs!

Note: For FCC compliance, Front Panel Programming and certain menu features have been disabled (PC programmable with optional USB cable, or with our additional custom programming service – see the Custom Radio Programming item in the AT-D868UV Accessories category)

Note: PLMRS (Private Land Mobile Radio Service) operation is a coordinated band and does require an FCC license. Amateur Radio (Ham) operation also requires a license. This radio is not “type-accepted” for use on other bands such as GMRS, FRS, MURS, MMS, etc.

*IMPORTANT: This radio is meant for personal use by licensed amateur radio operators during normal or emergency “SHTF” (S#it Hits The Fan) situations. Although our radios come programmed for Part 97 compliance with transmit locked to only the Ham bands, you are ultimately and solely responsible for operating this device in compliance with FCC licensing and regulations, regardless of how it comes programmed. For EmComm use, consult your COML regarding device compliance before any official public service operation. The free downloadable custom programming software made available for this radio by the manufacturer is for use by service technicians authorized or licensed to reprogram the radios for any given radio service. We are not responsible for any harm or loss caused by the use or misuse of this device. Please let us know if you have any compliance questions before purchasing.

Shipping Note: Due to USPS restrictions, we are only able to ship 1 extra battery pack per radio and only 2 battery packs total per package via 2-3 Day Priority-Mail (air) service. Orders with 3 or more Li-ion battery packs must be sent by Priority-Mail (surface transport) service only, which may take longer than the normal 2-3 days. Packages with over 5 pounds of batteries will need to be split up into multiple shipments. Contact us if you have any questions.


VHF/UHF Dual Band

Monitor two bands at the same time (V+V, U+U & V+U).

Digital DMR and Analog

Features both DMR digital and analog modes on any channel.

High Power Output

6.0W, 4.0W, 2.5W, 1.0W selectable TX power output.

2 & 5 Tone Paging

Includes built-in 2 Tone and 5 Tone Paging feature

Programming Cable

Includes USB Programming Cable, free software available for download.

Color TFT Display

1.77 inch color TFT screen for Day or Night operation with Dual or Single Channel display.


GPS Built-In
Memory Channels 4,000 channels
DMR Talk Groups 10,000
Digital Contacts 150,000 (complete worldwide database from DMR-MARC)
Power Levels 4 programmable power levels: 6/4/2.5/1 Watt Transmit Power Levels.
Zones 250 zones, up to 250 channels per zone.
Display 1.77 inch color TFT Screen with selectable dual channel or single channel display.
Battery Operate 35+ hours between charges with the supplied 3100 mAh lithium ion battery in the power saver mode.
Bandwidth 12.5 / 25.0 kHz Analog, and 12.5 kHz DMR
Import/Export Enhanced CPS allows direct input and export of channels, digital IDs and talkgroups.
Industries Ideal for fire, search & rescue, EMS, police, sheriff, forestry, security patrols, business communications, schools, universities, and other organizations that have FCC licensed frequencies.
DMR Compatibility Supports both Tier I and Tier II operation, making it compatible with DMR repeaters that utilize two-slot TDMA technology.
Amateur Radio Also operational on amateur radio DMR networks and analog frequencies. Software importable worldwide amateur contact database.
Programmable FCC 47CFR90.203 requires the keypad locked in the shipping configuration. Software keypad unlocking and re-programming are available with the included USB Programming Cable.
Speaker Connection 2-pin style Kenwood/Wouxun type earphone and speaker mic connection for a variety of accessories.
Quiet Tones CTCSS/DCS tone squelch with split tone and custom tone capability.
Frequency Range 136-174 / 400-480 MHz RX/TX
Package Includes Dual-band VHF/UHF Radio, 3100 mAh (22.94 Wh) extended life lithium ion battery, desk charger w/ AC adapter, Dual-band antenna, belt clip, free USB Programming cable and downloadable software, user manual.
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, Serviced in the USA by Powerwerx
Certifications FCC Part 90 Certified, FCC ID: T4KD868UV
Firmware Version Free Firmware update available!


More Info Coming Soon!


Need Custom Programming or Consulting?

Utilize our BSR-PCON Custom Radio Programming & Consulting Service and we’ll handle any custom research & programming for you!

Charts for Custom Radio Programming Options

Coming Soon!

Customer-Submitted Programming Charts (May Not be FCC Type-Accepted)

Coming Soon!

Custom Programming Software

Coming Soon!


Note: The programming software is provided by the manufacturer as a courtesy and is not guaranteed to be available or updated in the future.

IMPORTANT: By downloading and using this custom programming software, you agree to be solely responsible for operating your radios in compliance with FCC licensing and regulations. For use by service technicians authorized or licensed to reprogram the radios for any given radio service. We are not responsible for any harm caused by the use or misuse of this software to or by your radios. We do not offer free consulting or support for the free programming software, but we can program your radios for you or provide hourly-rate consulting instead! Let us know if you have any questions before purchasing.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 5.75 × 4.75 in

4000 (2000 Analog, 200 Digital), Programmable
(with optional programming cable)


Tx: LMR/Ham
Custom programmable for other VHF/UHF bands

Receive Frequency Range

VHF 136-174MHz
UHF 400-480MHz

Transmit Frequency Range

VHF 136-174MHz
UHF 400-480MHz

Operating Modes

Single or Dual Receive VHF/VHF, VHF/UHF, UHF/UHF
Each channel can be Analog or Digital with auto-detect


260 CTCSS/DCS “PL/Privacy” tones or digital codes with split capability

Frequency Stability


Receive Sensitivity

0.25µV (25kHz) analog, 0.3µV/-117.4dBm (BER 5%) digital
0.35µV (12.5kHz) analog, 0.7µV/-110dBm (BER 1%) digital

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

≥70dB @ 25kHz
≥60dB @ 12.5kHz

Intermod Rejection


Spurious Response Rejection



≥45dB @ 25kHz
≥40dB @ 12.5kHz

Audio Power Output

1000mW, Built-In Loudspeaker
≤5% Distortion

RF Power Output

Extra Power: 6-7W
High Power: 5W
Mid Power: 2.5W
Low Power: 1W


WFM (Wide Band FM), 25kHz
NFM (Narrow Band FM), 12.5kHz
≤5% FM Distortion
4FSK: 7K60FXD (data), 7K60FXE (data+voice)
Tier I and Tier II Operation for two-slot DMR repeater use
Narrowband-Compliant with 2.5kHz Tuning Steps

Max Deviation

WFM ≤5kHz
NFM ≤2.5kHz

Tx Spurious & Harmonics


Antenna Impedance


Battery Pack

3100 mAh (22.94 Wh) 7.4 V Li-ion


DC 7.4 V ±20% via Li-ion Battery Pack

Radio Weight

Assembled Radio: 282g (9.95oz) with Stock Antenna & Li-ion Battery Pack

Radio Dimensions (HxWxD)

129x61x39mm with Battery Pack

Operating Temperature


Dust & Water Protection

IP55 (prelim) Dust & Water (jets) Resistant

Radio Firmware

Stock = v2.26
Custom Programmed = v2.29

FCC Certification

Part 90 Certified for PLMRS (Land Mobile Radio – Business Band), Part 97 Compliant for ham use
Narrowband-Compliant with 2.5kHz Tuning Steps


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty, Serviced in the USA by Powerwerx

Radio Programming Options

(GPS-S) Stock – Factory LMR & HAM Channels with GPS


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